Sunday, 26 July 2009

Taoist Birthday's and Crafty Fun !!

Well ! I seem to have been rushed off my feet, but have found my crafting mojo - popped up from somewhere!
Nice Birthday Weekend - it was my eldest Son's Birthday today, where have all those 24 years gone? Its scary!
Now, my Son goes his own way, follows his own path, is indeed his own Man - the kind of attributes I had hoped to foster in my children. This path encompasses the Tao - he lives his life as closely as possible to the understanding of Taoist teachings. Its too complicated to go into here - look on the web - tons of stuff there!
But part of this lifestyle means he doesn't want things, for 'wants' sake, doesn't really want new fashionable clothes etc - makes buying presents really difficult!
So I thought I would make him a Meditation mat, I had noticed, on a nice day he takes an old towel into the garden to sit on (and meditate). I just used an old vintage blanket and appliqued a Taoist symbol in the centre. Around this grows a tree - from one side to the other the leaves symbolising the changing seasons of the year.
The height of Summer moving into Autumn - even a little acorn!

Around the outside of the tree - moving through all the seasons are footprints with embroidered words - all have a meaning to those following the Tao.

He seemed pleased with it, either that or he is just humouring his old Mum! And of course I enjoyed making it it for him!

On the crafting front - like I said found my mojo!
Once I had papered the walls in my summerhouse I was so pleased with the result I decided to do a similar effect on the walls in my hallway. I wanted a mis-mash of different types of print, I have music, old letterpress print, old vintage wallpaper to give a slight touch of colour, old discoloured newspapers and lots of other bits and bobs. Today I found an old booklet (in pieces ) of vintage Christmas music!
It will be a 'Conversational' piece if nothing else!

Here's Hubby P with his latest find - an old Opticians Eye Testing Box - thingy - twas only £1!
Unfortunately he couldn't get it to work - some bits missing. The paper roll inside should/or would at one time roll slowly down showing different letters and symbols for the client to read - usually at a set distance. The apparatus is housed in a lovely wooden box with little doors, the whole thing had been fixed to a wall.

It couldn't be fixed so Hubby P suggested he at least save the printed roll from inside, so that I could use it on my wall - or some other crafty thing - such a clever Hubby P!!

I just love it - what is it about printed papers?!

And just look at these wonderful children's symbols - well assuming they were for children, maybe if you couldn't read you could at least recognise a row of soldiers!!

More action with the pasting brush - Hubby P says 'he dare'snt sit still for too long'!!
I found a nice old suitcase, twas a bit tatty inside so I lined it with this rather nice paper featuring stylish Vintage-y Ladies. I found the paper in one of those lovely, delightfully expensive shops that you usually love to browse in - but find everything just too pricey! Could only afford one sheet - but even that was tied with a ribbon and put in a posh bag!

Finished case, with todays Carboot sale finds.

Cant wait to use my little case, I am going to fit it out with nice Vintage-y toiletries and fluffy towel, use it as a nice weekend bag. Just need to arrange a nice weekend away now!

Some of today's finds, pretty hippy- dippy scarf 50p from a nice young woman emigrating - somewhere - I am sure she said - cant remember - must be my age!
Pretty covered coat hangers - just like my Grandmother had - am I becoming my Grandmother!? OMG as the youngsters say!
Yet more Dairy Maid to add to my collection, some pretty purses - and a whole box full of fabric!!

I am the woman who said 'No more', 'No more' - 'I have no more room for any more fabric'!
My Name Is Vicky - And I Am A Fabricoholic!!!!!
How could I refuse this whole box of vibrant, colourful, delightful fabric all for £5. All are big pieces a couple are large pieces of wool - others are vintage acrylic types. No doubt it will all be used in the fullness of time - the Poi I made for Will to take to the Festival sold like hotcakes.
I'm a sucker for these bright vibrant colours!
Anyway enough for now - this has been a huge post - thank you for bearing with me.
xx Take care for now xx


  1. You are so creative...the mat, the brilliant wall and as for the fabric purchases... it just has to be done! Love the coat hangers, very homely.
    Cal x

  2. Awww Birthday greetings from us. You know I love the Tao of Pooh, have you read it? Winnie the Pooh explaining all about Taoism, we have an old well thumbed copy somewhere. The mat is lovely, really nice. Nice wall papering too!!
    Your finds are fab, I love the dark blue flowery fabric, groovy baby!!
    Right, I MUST go to bed. We'll see you soon, will email you this week.
    twiggy x


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