Wednesday, 22 July 2009

And then there were three little bunnies!

Hello there! Had a good Weekend?
We have been ever so' busy with a house full of friends and family, a great gathering of the 'clan' - the great and the good - and not so good I dare say!
So not too much of interest, not much crafting, or car booting, to 'blog' about -
The sad news is that we lost two of the baby rabbits, so we are down to three. They seem to be okay, doing well - she says with crossed fingers! I look at them that many times during the day - willing them to be well and thrive, I think they think I am really rather odd!!
They seem to be eating well, and they are as nosey as ever!

On the gardening front I was gifted a nice Morning Glory - a climbing plant, for helping with the Family 'bash' - some people are just so kind.
Its just waiting for me to brave the rain and plant it!

The rain and wind has been awful here! Its wrecked the garden, blowing over all my nice tall hollyhocks just as they are beginning to flower.

Just thought I would show you this odd little photo, its supposed to be of the dogs - but they moved! But its a nice picture of my metal stand with a new carboot find - a tatty old enamel dish and jug, I thought it looked quite - well - very 'Country living'!!

Say 'Hello' to Fly!
Fly has come to us from a friend, who has changed jobs and finds caring for her a bit difficult. Fly was a rescue dog, in terrible condition when Maria first got her. She is a bit better now in a physical way, but so very timid, and cowers at the least little thing.

We think she is about 7 yrs old, but she is very small, and looks so vulnerable.

So now we have Fly - waifs and strays often wander through our gate, sometimes they live out their lives with us, sometimes they move on. I like to think we do what we can, and our lives are all the more richer for it.
She seems to have settled well, she gets on with our other dog Uncas, he is a big softy, part sheepdog, husky and wolf, he is big and can look scary, but she's got the measure of him - she is boss!

A little carboot sale find yesterday.
First of all I must give away one of Hubby P's weaknesses - he is a Womble Fan - remember the Wombles!!!! (The Wombles of Wimbleden were a childrens TV programme in the 70/80's - for those of you over the pond!).
Anyway over the years Hubby P has had a special Womble pillowcase - swears he can't sleep without it!
I have a few of this design, so that he always has a clean one, but I have only ever seen this one design.

So imagine my delight at finding this other 'new' design in a pile of bed linen at the carboot sale!
Of course Hubby P was just delighted! - more Wombles!!
It was nice and clean (although I put it through the wash just to freshen it up), and it came with a single duvet cover. I shall keep the duvet cover for the fabric - may even make him a Womble nightshirt! Or would that be a bit much?**

That's all for now folks, just off to rescue my washing off the washing line, this wind is getting stronger!
xx Take care xx bye for now xx


  1. Love the Wombles find and your metal planter - tis indeed very country living. Glad the other bunnies are thriving and Fly is such a cute, gentle looking little dog.
    Cal x

  2. What cute rabbits and dogs... and what a brilliant find for a womble lover! I love the idea of a womble nightshirt... think you should go for it. You could add a night hat, with a pom pom... maybe that would be OTT. Sorry, it is rather late. Did make me smile, though.

  3. Sorry to hear about the baby rabbits.:-(
    Fly looks like a sweetie and of course I remember the wombles!

  4. i had that wombles pillowcase!!!!! in fact i bet my mum still has it tucked away somewhere, think i had a tee shirt too!

    we have a friend from holland who has a husky also called uncas! i have some great photos from last year...i must find it out...
    well done for taking in fly, what a cutie :)


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