Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sad News! and everyday stuff!

A few pretty flowers for you!
I have some sad news today, although the baby rabbits are ok, their Mother sadly died over the weekend. All I can think is that she picked up some kind of infection after/during the birth, and just couldn't shake it off. She seemed fine until a few days ago - I was a bit worried she was getting thin, but I thought that was due to her suckling her young.

Luckily the young are old enough to get on without her. I buried her under a nice Rosemary bush. Another few weeks and I will start looking for homes for the babies.

On a lighter not, I found this for 50p at the car boot sale on Sunday - its a tourist-y thing with 'Paris' embroidered on it, but the hat is a good quality beret. So I bought it thinking I could do something with it! (well for 50p!!!)

I had some nice Vintage pretty bits in my sewing stash, so I just covered up the tacky 'Paris' with a - well, a kinda flower thing-y! I think it works quite well!

'This week we have mostly' - been playing Poi.
For those of you who don't know what on earth I am talking about (I didn't know until last week!) Poi is a set of two weighted lengths of something - these on the photo are fabric, but you can buy them as weighted balls on lengths of string. And you do a series of moves/patterns, twirling them about.
Some people do it with lighted (as on fire!) Poi - I have ruled that out completely, we have enough accidents in this house!

Apparently its all the rage with the young folk at the music festivals, so Will (seen above) who is going to 'Glade' (a Festival for all us who are past thinking of such things!) asked if 'we' could make some for him and his friends. The 'we' of course being me doing all the sewing - him filling the bags of rice for weights! I managed to find some old - Vintage I might add, crimpoline fabric from my stash to make them. We found this worked better than cotton - its that bit elastic-y.
And I found a big piece of jazzy crimpoline at the car boot, so we made some more!

We made so many he's taking lots and going to sell them at the Festival!

There was so much of this jazzy stripy fabric I made some colourful bunting! We are having a Party this weekend, just a family thing, but I thought it would look rather jolly!

As its Tuesday today - its car boot sale day!
Just one or two things today, a nice cake plate with pretty roses, and a 1940's bottle of Yardley Lavender scent. The scent comes in its original box with a little hand written note from Thomas, dated 1940! So sweet!

Flowers too, some unusual ceramic (white) ones and deep purple flowers - paper or perhaps wood - I'm not sure. They make a nice display alongside my Lily's from the garden.

xx That's all for now folks xx Take care xx


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the mother rabbit. Her little ones look very well, though.

    Crimpolene! Oh my, just catches my breathe, remember wearing that stuff? I like what you did with it though. And yes, poi is something hot here too.

    You always come up with such great finds. I especially like the bunting and the hat - all of it!

  2. Poor Dusty :( at least the babies are ok.
    Lovely finds, I love the jolly bunting you made!!!
    Your beret looks most lovely too.
    twiggy x

  3. Oh sorry to hear about Mother Rabbit, but at least her babies are doing well. Fingers crossed they both find good homes.
    I've never heard of poi, I'll have to look it up, it looks fun, and very pretty bunting, just the thing for a party.

  4. Sorry to hear you lost the Mother Rabbit. Maybe she had an infection, fingers crossed that the young ones will be ok. They certainly look healthy enough.

    Love the beret now you've added the flowers. Much better than the word Paris!

    I didn't know about Poi but have seen someone doing that somewhere....? You'll have me wracking my brains now trying to figure out where I saw them.

  5. I love the cake plate - I picked up a rectangular plate in the same design recently. Not sure what I'll do with it but loved the design!

  6. oh poor ma rabbit, glad the babies are managing fine and glad you gave her a nice place to rest :)

    poi! i love poi! we help out at a big event every year and they always have a poi group there to entertain 'just poi' i have always fancied having a go but think i would be a danger!

  7. Well I for one, am saddened by the passing of mummy rabbit!

  8. sorry to hear about mummy bunny the babies are cute

    love your bunting and the beret

  9. Sorry to hear about the rabbit.

    And congrats on your sweet little grandson. What a joy.

    And I'm going to have to find out about poi. It's intriguing.

    Cal x


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