Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thrifting Finds to Pretty Cushions!

I seem to have got my sewing mojo back!
I found this little piece of Vintage cotton - a riot of floral loveliness, screwed up in the bottom of a box, at a carboot sale. I gave it a wash and it came up lovely - fresh as a daisy!
There was just enough to make a couple of cushion covers - very 'country cottage' meets 'shabby chic'!
I used a bit of broidery anglaise from the box of lace I found last week, and some vintage buttons, to add a bit of original 'fancy-pretty-ness', and finished with a bit of hand embroidery.

A bit of green cotton backs the cover and closes with poppers - buttons are just for decoration!

A nice fresh, touch of pretty florals to brighten my sofa!
Having just a very small house and lot ( too many really) of cushions already - I just can't resist 'saving' vintage cushion covers, especially the had embroidered ones - I have decided to keep just one of the two and put the other in my Etsy shop. I haven't had much luck with Etsy - I think its just so big nowadays, but I will give it another go. You never know, it might take someones fancy!
I hope it goes to a nice home where someone appreciates the materials it's made from, and the work that has gone into it.
But don't we all want that!

Whilst I was on a roll' I fitted Mucky Marge with her new frock, she looks a bit better, still a bit 'shabby' but I kinda like that!

On the 'finds' front - lucky me I found another piece of Better Maid ware - a cute little watering can - sort of thing. Its in the green form - I think its really quite cute.
I found it at the Tuesday carboot sale - just sat there for 50p!

xx Take care for now xx


  1. oooo they are lovely missus, take a look and see if you can find my crafting mojo will you ?
    Twiggy x

  2. Very pretty. Glad you got your sewing mojo back - so annoying when it disappears. I really like the Better Maid. Haven't seen it over here.

  3. Lovely cushions. I'm sure I could find room for them!


  4. Well done on making those pretty cushions. I remember my parents having rows upon rows of Bettermaid ware filled up with flowering plants in their porch window.

  5. love the Bettermaid ware, I'm looking out for some of that while thrifting, not had any luck yet



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