Monday, 1 June 2009

Thrifting Finds and a Special Gift!

Hello! Hope everyone is well!
We are all enjoying the nice sunny weather, although I find it a little too hot to sit out in, I'm not complaining - its great.
Great excitement this weekend! It started with Hubby P asking me what I would like for my birthday (next week) - he was just stuck for ideas! I reminded him that he had built my rose bower - that was what I had wanted - but No, he was adamant, he wanted to get me a 'proper present'. Now usually at this point I would list a few plants I would like - he could nip to the garden centre and - hey - 'bobs yer uncle', one present for the wife!
'Well' I said, 'I've been thinking for a while now -You know what I would really like? A ring - a sort of Eternity ring'.
HubbyP 's face was a picture!!! - a) he doesn't know anything about jewellery, and b) He does know it will cost a bit more than a plant!
But of course I got the lovely, usual answer from him 'Yes, of course love, if that's what you would like'. I did explain that I wanted a ring I could wear - one that was not so expensive I would be afraid of dropping it in the chicken mash. Just really a token of our 16 years as a married couple.
So we went a looking - and here it is -
It was nice that we bought it from a Lady we know who deals in Vintage jewellery and fashion, wonder what kind of history it has.
On another note, just look at my Turks Cap Lily, blooming its socks off in this nice sunny weather!

On the carboot sale/thrifting front!

Three little metal buckets kindly 'shabbied' by someone else! They have has holes bashed through the bottom and soil still inside them, so whoever 'pre-loved' them before used them in the garden - which I think I shall do too. They will look nice on the table where we eat, when the sun shines!

I found these - apparently they are called 'Better-Maid' wear, I just remember them from my childhood. My Granparents had them as plant holders, anyway I saw them in a Charity shop and they took my fancy! I would quite like to collect them, I just love the colour. I think (looking on the web) the larger of the two was supposed to be a fruit bowl - but I have planted mine up with a geranium ( a special geranium, in that, it a direct descendant of the geranium my grandad use to grow when I was a child - it just has small very red flowers).
In the other pot is a small carob tree that I have grown from some seeds brought back from Portugal.

A few little waifs and strays I found - they have had a good wash and are drying in the sun!

I have had to make a new dress for the rag doll - she is still a bit stained so I shall call her Mucky Madge!
x Take care for now x


  1. Your eternity ring is gorgeous lady. I can't wear rings even my engagement and wedding rings as since I had Twiglet I get dreadful eczema on my fingers :( I love your finds, I remember buying better maid pots from our local garden centre for my mums birthday when I was little. Haven't seen any for years. Continue to enjoy the sunshine.I'm whispering this bit - it's a bit hot for me too, I smothered Twiglet in sun cream over the weekend but forgot to do my legs I now have very attractive red stripey legs and a blue/yellow and purple ankle - very nice!
    Twiggy x

  2. that's a lovely ring, hubby bought me an eternity ring for our 1st wedding anniversary, the reason being he says the first year married felt like an eternity!
    and we've made it 13 years later this month!
    I love those 'shabbied' metal buckets, can't wait to see what you are going to put in them!
    Josie x

  3. Beautiful ring!! What a star your husband is!!
    Love the finds, a good weekend in all : )

    Sharon xx

  4. I saw those faux-wedgewood plastic bowls and was instantly transported back to my Grandma's front room...

    Hope you find more


  5. A very beautiful ring and some lovely buys ... :0)


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