Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Back from our Adventures!

Hello there, hope you all had a nice weekend, we had a great time visiting family in Lancashire, and mooching around old haunts!
Nice as it was though its still nice to be home, its the garden I miss the most, and it seems to have gone mad whilst we were away just those few days, its absolutely blooming!
The first thing I did on getting home was have a wander around the garden and pick a few flowers for the house, just re-bonding, re-affirming myself with my bit of Eden!
Please do notice the new oil cloth table covering - its a first! That is, the first time Hubby P has ever shown any real interest in 'Home Furnishings'. Our Son's who live near Manchester took us - well me really - to a Home Furnishing & fabric Mill - Hubby P usually hates these places and spends most of the time - it must be said, Patiently waiting - outside!
What a wonderful place - of course I wanted 'Lots and lots' of the fabric but restrained myself to one length of gingham for a top - very Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun!!
It was then that Hubby P pointed out the oil cloth and said it would look good at home, and make him feel like he was in an old fashioned cafe' - don't know about that bit (wanting the home to look like a cafe??!) - but anyway we were all so surprised at the new found interest we bought it for him - and now Hubby P can play cafe's!

We had mooch around Bury Market, it doesn't change - it felt a bit like stepping back in time. The Local Council have invested a lot of money in promoting the market and kept it in the centre of the town - where its always been - and it was thriving. You can buy anything, and everything there - there was a great hat stall - but I resisted!

We did have some traditional Black Pudding - hot from the stall with lashings of mustard - it was really nice - I chose a lean one - not to much fat in it. Traditionally they had great chunks of fat in the puddings - to keep the mill workers energy up I suppose!

We brought some home - so I thought we could have some for tea!

Of course the highlight of the weekend was spending time with our Granddaughters. Hubby P - or Grandad P as he is to them, came in for a lot of rough and tumble! His braces were a huge delight!

We had a nice day out at a little place called Edisford Bridge, near Clitheroe. The bridge runs over the River Ribble, its a great place to play in the water, and there is a childrens play area and whatnot.
I remember coming here as a child to play in the fresh clean water. I will always remember my Dad lost a sock - just the one - we couldn't find it, must have gone down the river. Its funny the little memories that you have stashed away!

There was a little steam railway too, and of course Grandad had to take the Girls for a ride!

Children and water! what is it about the cool splashy stuff - they just love it!

On the thrifting front - we went to Clitheroe carboot sale. It was a reasonably big one, and made a nice change. We found prices generally to be higher than at home, but I found a box of lace that I managed to barter down to a more reasonable price.

Here is a selection, drying in the sun - there is quite a lot so I am only half way through washing and ironing it - I find ironing so boring!
Of course I've no idea what I will do with it yet, although the little girls wanted some more Fairy dolls' so some will be used for that. I'll stash some and sell some on ebay probably.

I found some pretty Vintage scarves, I've given them a wash - here they are drying in the breeze! I thought they are so pretty - they remind me of my Grandmother, she was never without a scarf, and they always smelt lovely - of her I suppose!

Leave you with a pic of the first of my climbing roses. I do so love yellow roses!

x Bye for now x


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time, it's always good to get away. the garden photos look pretty.

  2. Places selling fabric should have an area just for the men to keep occupied, don't you think?

    Lovely pictures, enjoy yellow roses too.

  3. Glad you had a nice weekend, ooo we love black pudding in our house. We also love the black pud and white pud that we buy on holiday in Ireland, yummy. My BIL used to have a butchers shop and made his own, not for the squeamish. I had a Saturday job with him, very enlightening!!!
    Lovely lace and scarves and your garden looks so pretty just like your grandaughters :)
    Twiggy x

  4. Ooh where's the fabric mill near manchester? That's my neck of the woods so I could have a trip there. I've still not been to Bury market, though we keep saying we will, my boyfriend is a foodie and apparently the food stalls there are fantastic.

    I'm coming over to Anglesey for a week this Sunday, we're staying at Llanfwrog. Is there anything good on this week that you know of? Any car boot sales I could explore? I'm trying to talk him into it by saying we need cooking toys for my daughter :)

  5. Looks like your trip up North was a good one. I love Hubby P's braces!

    Vanessa x

  6. If my husband showed interest in a fabric I think I'd have to buy it as well, just as encouragement. That's so funny about being unsure whether a cafe feel is a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose if you could hire a handsome waiter to go with the table cloth it would be very good. Always a treat to check in.


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