Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Snowdrops! So Pretty!!

The hedge across from our little cottage has produced the most wonderful show of snowdrops, turning the brown dull barren looking hedge into a feast of fresh green, their little nodding white heads stirring in the breeze!
Such a cheery little sight! Hopefully the hedge will start showing some leaf and blossom buds soon.

Have I mentioned - I just love snowdrops!
I think it partly stems from my childhood, when my favorite book was this little book of Poems. I think it came from school - we had a wonderful Headmaster - very forward thinking for his day, and he encouraged all the Arts, introduced us to all sorts of music, poetry and drama. We went Youth Hosteling, and made a hot air balloon! Mr Nutter - that was his name (Yes! I know - but Honestly - that was his name!)

The book is very battered now, but still I like to look at it - nice memories!
This is the little poem - The Snowdrops

Look how muddy it is in the field - just over the hedge from the snowdrops. Still at least we are not experiencing Flooding like some people in the South of the country.

These little Guys came over to say Hello and have a nosey at what I was doing.

And a little fresh greenness in the house. I treated myself to a couple of Hyacinths at the weekend. I always think its a nice surprise when they bloom - I wonder what colour they will be. I just potted them in some old jugs, gives a bit of colour to brighten the place.

Roll on Spring - I have had enough of this cold damp weather!
Ta Ta for now xx


  1. I'm hoping to get to Anglesey in April....for my birthday...the snowdrops are so beautiful, I long to be there now!xxx

  2. It's so lovely to see those snowdrops! Ours are still buried under snow! That is a lovely little poem too, one you wouldn't forget!
    Thanks for that little touch of spring : )

    Sharon xx

  3. I can't wait for spring now, I'm even fed up with the snow and ice! Lovely snow drops.
    Tracey xxx

  4. lovely snowdrops and a lovely poem. Spring isn't far away.
    Josie x

  5. Couldn't agree more, I've had enough of this snow and ice, roll on Spring.

  6. Thank you for cheering my day, what a lovely post love the snowdrops especially the poem, you live in a lovely place, enjoy reading your blog takecare bye for now Helen x

  7. Lovely snowdrop post!
    Near where we lived on Anglesey there used to be a big banking full of snowdrops which used to appear very early.
    How is the wind at this time of year? I know it used to blow the heads off our daffies :-)

    I love hyacinths, the Halifax at Valley had some heavily scented ones planted right outside their door making me feel like standing outside all day.

    If I see any bulbs in my supermarket I'm going to buy them as they are better than any artificial air freshener.

  8. Yes, snowdrops are so beautiful. Thankfully, we seem to be having a few more days of sunshine now, even though it's still very cold and we had more snow last night. Just a smattering.

    I love your little poetry book and poem. I had a little giggle at the name of your old teacher!

  9. I always remember a poem we learnt off by heart when I was little it goes like this-
    I like to think that long ago,
    there fell to earth some flakes of snow,
    that liked this cold grey world of ours,
    they decided to stay as snowdrop flowers!
    I like you poem too!

  10. Oh hurray for the snowdrops! They always get me excited and not least at the moment - this winter's been a tough one so it's lovely to see them again. That poem is very lovely - I can see why it made an impression. Hmm - loving those bulbs and what you put them in - just my cup of tea (or jug of milk). Emma x

  11. I love the snowdrop photos, a lovely reminder of the promise of new life even in the darkest, coldest times.

    Love and blessings

  12. Snowdrops are lovely aren't they, so delicate and hopeful. Hope you're all keeping well, Twiglet was talking about you the other day I'm sure he thinks Ivor the Engine lives at your house :)
    Is there something you'd like to tell us??
    Twiggy x

  13. Hi Twiggy - I'll ask the Big Fat Controller' when he gets home!!!


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