Thursday, 5 February 2009

Just a Big Thankyou for cheering a Girl up!

Just feeling a bit bored and fed up at the moment, its cold and grey - we haven't even any pretty snow!
Muffled up this morning and went outside to feed the chickens and rabbits, and look for some little sign of Spring! Not a lot out there - the Rosemary was bravely putting out a few flowers, and it was trying to snow - the odd flurry.
Soooo, what a nice surprise - the Postman brought me a parcel. Lynn - Gigibird kindly sent me
some nice soft leather gloves to go with my new hat!

They will look so well with my hat, and fit a treat - must think of an excursion, as they say in Larkrise 'Hats -and gloves now! My one weakness!'

Thank you again Lynn - you cheered my day.



  1. They have finally found the perfect home:)

  2. How perfect! and what a lovely gift too.
    We still have plenty of snow and I'm loving it!

    Love and blessings

  3. The gloves are a great match for that hat, you must feel the swank walking out and wearing them.
    I notice the hat pins in your beret, just the thing to keep it securely on your head in those Anglesey winds.
    (I've chased a few hats across the fields in my time)

  4. Cosy looking gloves! That rosemary is putting on a brave little show! A spot of baking should cheer you up -I felt a bit wintry and rubbish earlier in the week. Miss P1 and I baked chocolate and blackberry muffins and suddenly all was well!

  5. Have just found your blog, and like it!!! Hope you feel better now. It's nice to see the little signs of spring on your blog.... I think I've had enough of winter now!
    You are welcome to visit me at Clover Cottage.

    Stay warm

    Sharon xx

  6. Hello me dear...lovely gloves!
    Love Larkrise...tis my one weakness!xxx


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