Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Whats New! Lots of Pic's today!

Well! Whats New!
This is in disgrace! Dryer Thou is't Bad!!!
As you can see I have banished it to the naughty corner and covered it with a cloth.
We have to take drastic action - we are on power cutting/cost cutting exercise. Hubby P - Bless him, likes to know what he is spending and thus we have always had a pre-pay meter for the electricity. It works well - no big quarterly bills etc. But just recently - I'm sure I can see steam coming out of his ears when he looks at the meter - it just has such an enormous appetite, it eats money!
So the Big Clampdown - the dryer ( a real lazy option - we have a wood burner with hanging space for washing to dry!) - well the dryer was just too handy - next to the washer, to just throw wet washing into. So now it has been banished to the conservatory - to be used only in emergencies!
I'm keeping an eagle eye on the switching off of lights and 'standbys', and I even managed to cook a whole dinner in the oven last night, cooked potatoes in their jackets, braised veg in a covered dish - they filled the oven alongside the chicken and stuffing!
What a job this Thrifting is! - I suppose its just a case of a lot more planning. I have put my big freezer on Freecycle, I will manage with the smaller one - and make sure I use the food in there in rotation (as you should, rather than being lazy and grabbing the first thing that comes to hand!). Looking in the larger one earlier in the week, it was running away ( with Hubby P's precious electricity!) and not even half full.
'Needs Must' as they say, and I can't see the cost of fuel coming down very much in the near future - so there we have it. I haven't got the candles out just yet!
Emptying the larger freezer left me with lot of apples to use, so I made a batch of Apple Chilly Jelly - well I eat it by the bucket full! It is rather scrummy!


Car Boot Sale finds!
Had a nice day yesterday at the Car Boot Sale, the sun was out, so there were a few more stalls browse.

A new little hat for summer! only 50p!

This little picture of a pretty lady - rather battered and without a frame, but she's too pretty to end up in the landfill.

I might kind of scrap book her -sort of, find some nice decoupage flowers and things to frame her.


A nice little parcel came earlier in the week.
I had bought some little badges from a Etsy shop - Deb, who came to visit a while ago, is a illustrator, she has such a wonderful imagination! Check out her Blog - (The imagination of lady snail)
She sent me a darling little notelet.

And the cute little badges!

Hubby P - on one of his Lunchtime ramblings found me this little display shelf - thingy!
He tours all the Charity shops (I say all - I think there are two in the small town in which he works!). He is such a regular the old Ladies look for him coming - and its a case of - 'could you just fix the pricing gun, toaster, reach something down off the high shelf, carry these heavy boxes out side' etc!

I have used it to display all my vintage perfume bottles and what not.

They are things I use everyday - I wear the old perfume, well it will only gradually evaporate over time, I have it to enjoy it!
So I put the little shelf thing just under my makeup mirror, just where its handy.

I have a collection of vintage lipsticks too - I don't wear them - the colours are a bit too outrageous - even for me. And they taste awful, what was it they use to make them from - whale blubber - Yuk!
Ta Ta for now xx Take care xx


  1. the display shelf looks great and the apple jelly looks yummy as well. We used to have a pre-pay meter(it used to be £5-£10 a week)when we first moved here. Now we pay £17 a fortnight cash at the post office.

  2. Apple Chilli Jelly now that sounds like a good little recipe for all those windfalls I get in Autumn, any chance of you putting recipe on your blog- you have until October so no pressure!
    I am glad you rescued the pretty lady, she needs some TLC I think.

  3. Oooo check you out in your cute little hat missus. Flippin heck your photos have bought back some memories, My Granny died in 1977 and she always used to wear June perfume and kept a bottle at the top of the stairs for a quick dab each morning, I'd forgotten all about it!!!
    We are TRYING not to use the dryer as they do indeed eat money, as I'm sure you can remember though little boys get VERY dirty so the washer and dryer are on all the flippin time.
    Cute badges too. Isn't your hubby lovely looking after the old dears in the charity shop - bless. Big love to you all from the Twiggys.
    Twiggy x
    PS apple chilli jelly sounds scrummy

  4. LOL, don't blame you for banishing the dryer they EAT electric. We had a pre-payment meter when we lived on Anglesey and then when we moved I was sent a bill for nearly £400!!! Apparantly they hadn't updated the meter and I'd not been paying enough money. I complained and said it wasn't my fault they were behind updating meters and they never sent anothr bill. But it really scared me!!

    I got my combined gas and electic bill this week and it was £280 for both. Thrift drives work!!! So keep drying round your fire you'll save lots of money.

    Love the vintage perfumes btw.

  5. Hi,I have just discovered your blog,which is great.I know what you mean about the card meter its eating away at my pounds just now i can't wait till summer,i am saving for a wood burning stove i just hope they can fit one to my house.Like you i love car booting and jumble sales,the one i go to is not to busy just now as its been snowing for the past 2 weeks but i am hopping this week i will pay a visit.Take care~Kate~

  6. Loving your new hat, and the shelf too.
    Our dryer chose to breakdown a few days before Christmas, and I miss it (boohoo) but I must say it hasn't saved as much in lecky as I thought it would.
    I miss it most for larger things like throws and sheets, and, of course, now I get more ironing, but other than that we manage ok.
    Hope you manage too.

    Love and blessings

  7. the apple chilli jelly looks gorgeous. See now I would just throw the apples away! I should learn something here1
    The display shelf looks lovely.


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