Tuesday, 3 February 2009


What else' can a girl do when its a so finger numming-ly cold, but Sew, Shop and Lunch!!
Just back form the Car Boot Sale - yes! some hardy souls were still selling their wares - it was so cold! We didn't really hang about there long, I just had a good old nosy in their boxes, then we went for Lunch ( a 'Recession Special' - a choice of five different main meals for £2.95 - my kinda lunch!).
A saved these lovelies from a tatty old box - I thought they were so pretty!
I especially like this one with the white doves.
And wouldn't we all like a garden like this!

I have suddenly got my crafting mojo back - but wanting to be thrifty, I am trying to use up all those odd bits of fabric that we all keep, just in case - they are too pretty to throw away, but a bit small to make anything substantial!

So I hit on the idea of covering old wooden coat hangers with pretty vintage fabric. I have some and find they are so much better than the thin wire ones, or wooden for that matter, they don't leave pokey-out bits in your clothes especially woollen tops and jackets ( bit of a hate/thing with me - iron something, then come to put it on and have 'pokey' shoulders!).
As you can see my little table at the side of my chair is now a total mess of sewing stuff, just handy for when I sit down to watch Larkrise, Victorian Farm etc. I sew them all by hand - I find it very soothing/therapeutic, I have always done a lot of hand stitching, embroidery and the like.

This pretty blue fabric is a bit Cath Kidston-ish, It may be I am not sure, just a lump of fabric I picked up somewhere! Still - its pretty! I made the little padded hearts so that they could be scented with oils - Lavender, Rose or whatever, every one has a favorite. Mine is Patchouli - not everyone's cup of tea.

I used some pretty vintage buttons to finish them off.

I thought I might try some in my Etsy shop, I am a bit disappointed in Etsy, but I suppose it is world wide, and there are so many lovely things on there - I am just a little fish!
Then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Ta Ta for now xx


  1. They are really lovely, my favourite is the blue!
    Love Tracey xxx

  2. Was watching the snow on telly today, we had more last night, has it reached you yet? love those hangers missus, so pretty, nice pics too.
    Twiggy x

  3. Still no snow yet! just freezing cold!

  4. lovely coathangers, I used to make them but didn't sell many, good luck with etsy, I haven't sold anything yet
    Josie x
    ps) cold! at night I've got 2 t-shirts, flannelette pj's and a fleece dressing gown on!

  5. They are lovely AA. I can just picture you sewing away watching the same programmes as me. :)

  6. Love the hangers, if I could find where I put my mojo I might even have a go myself.
    And Patchouli is fine, my fave atm seems to be gingers and cinammon and sandalwood type smells. I don't do lavender as I'm lergic *achoo*

    Love and blessings

  7. Lovely pictures, love your hangers. A great idea for scrap material.

    I'm very into orange, cinnamon and rose as smells. Patchouli is great too, very 70s!

  8. I think they are gorgeous! I love anything like that, and the scented hears are a lovely idea!


  9. wow! these are so pretty! dx.


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