Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Is Spring Around The Corner!!

Isn't this a cheery sight!
One of my baby Orchids bravely putting out a perfect little flower.
And looking a little closer down by the side of the shed, my pots are beginning to shoot - dare we
hope Spring is around the corner!

One of the best Presents ever, this Christmas!

Take a load of this ---

Give it a good old soaking in water for a couple of days ---

Fill this little machine-y thing with the paper pulp -----

And - hay presto! - you get one of these paper logs/briquettes to burn on the fire!
How cool is that!

Obviously they have to dry out first - here I have them on top of the wood burner drying out. I suppose summer would be the best time to make them, and dry them off in the greenhouse.
Its a great evening activity - whilst watching T.V. - sit shredding old newspapers and all those nasty bills that come through the letter box! Hubby P is thrilled !? another activity to keep him busy! - after all we don't want him to be bored!?!!

Have you got February's Country Living? loads of loveliness as usual, and Marmalade! It all sounds so scrummy, I just had to make some - I have just done the chopping up bit, I will leave it to soak overnight and boil it up tomorrow - Yummy, I just love Marmalade!
Too much Paddington Bear when I was a child!

Take care x Ta ta for now xxx


  1. I'm thinking of getting one of those briquette machnes myself this year. Let me know how they work out.

  2. Those brick making machines are superb; a great way of using up the old papers.

    Lovely to see your first signs of spring in pots. We still have the horrible fog, although the sun did try to shine today ... :0)

  3. Lovely flowers, the brickette doodah is great isn't it. Have you got through your massive wood pile yet? I've never tried making marmalade, but like Paddington Bear, I'm a big fan:)Twiglet told me yesterday we were coming to see Ivor the Engine then going to your house - in the afternoon and back in time to collect Daddy from the train station - wow! He must have a time machine hiding under his bed :) Big love to you all.
    Twiggy x

  4. I was on the verge of buying a briquette maker but someone said how difficlut is was to dry the bricks out.....I guess if you have somewhere to store them then making them in the summer months makes perfect sense.


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