Tuesday, 20 January 2009

An Afternoon with Engelbert Humperdink!

Just got in from the Car Boot Sale ~ Wow! lots of goodies today ~ just had to share this with you!
I am having an Afternoon of Engelbert and the Stylistics (the best of!)~ only 50p each!
Ooh --- do you remember Engelbert? He had his own show on TV ~ and what he did to my heart as a young girl!
I thought he was Sooooo wonderful!
The perfect lover ~ truth is he was probably a total Rat! Real lounge Lizard material!
Don't know that my choice in men changed much for a good while ~ until I met Hubby P ~ he's more grisly Joe Cocker than Engelbert! (not that he can sing -shame!)
And I found the stylistics - wonderful!
On the 20p table - something to read!
Its very old and battered, but full of wonderful 'Advice' on all subjects, a 'must' for all young Women wanting to be a success in all things!

I can just see me doing this! ~ don't thing I even have the right sort of frock!

This is more me ~ housework and more housework!

The photo's and illustrations are just wonderful!

'Every Woman's Home'?
How things have changed ~ it could well be on a different planet, its so different from the average home today.
Although I would kill to have a go in that kitchen!

Anyway that's all for now ~ back to Eng' and this fascinating book!

Bye for now xxx


  1. Fortunately I'm too young to really remember the delights of Mr Humperdink ;)

    The woman who wrote that book would probably have an aneurism on the spot if she saw the state of my house. I could probably do with a copy to save my inner housewife from oblivion though.


  2. I have a similar old book called 'Enquire Within upon Everything'.

    No pictures, but little sayings at the top of each page such as "To Obtain Coffee Hot, Well Warm the Pot"

  3. Oh I haven't been to Valley car boot in ages, or Mona come to that. I remember Englebert lol, he was pretty dreamy wasn't he.

    That book looks great, I had one called The Log of the Scarlet House many many years ago. Was set in the 1800's I think and was a diary of how a young couple got their first home together. How I'd love to read it again.

    Jane x

  4. Spooky my Dad had an Enquire Within book but not the lady one and he had that Stylistics Album too!!! I'm stone in love with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu , see I know the words and everything.
    Hubby P is not really a Dink you're right, thank the lord for that, that moustache urgh!!!
    Englebert Humperdinck once played at the Pretoria WMC in South Elmsall at the beginnig of his career and got paid off as the audience kept booing and wanted to play bingo - haha
    Twiggy x
    PS word verification - ocknings!

  5. I'll pass on the humperdik if you don't mind.
    He looks scary- the sort of man you meet in a dark alleyway slightly drunk and thinking he is Gods gift.

    However love the Enquire within book. My Mum used to rave about the virtues of this book, I imagine she had one in the house when growing up since I never saw the book in our house.

    What a shame I never got to that booty at Valley while I was living 'just round the corner' near Sandy Beach.

    Bootys haven't started round here yet but I'm raring to go!

  6. Lovely book and a bargain too! x

  7. I don't think that E H would be the sort of man who would stir my blood but his "Save the Last Dance for Me" holds such special and personal memories. Just to hear it brings tears to my eyes. Margaret

  8. ahhhh, for some one so young as myself... ahem... well, I LOVE EH!!! I have a tape of his I play in the car so I can sing my heart out while other drivers look curiously on...
    I need to go and sell stuff at a car boot, daren't even look around one for fear of spending!!!

    Thanks for popping by!

  9. Oww I miss car boot sales. They just don't seem to go for them up here. :(
    That book looks like fun, I've got a few old handyman one's that were my Dad's and some sewing one's...not sure who they belonged to actually.

  10. I love Englebert! and that book is fantastic, what a great find.
    Tracey xxx

  11. your blog is always so entertaining. I love the profile photo. Happy hatting. Anna

  12. Oh how i wish we had a turntable.
    I used to have that very same Stylistics album but swapped it fot Alice Cooper's Schools Out LOL

    Love and blessings

  13. Sadly I am old enough to remember Engelbert....I believe he had a lot of children out of wedlock.....and there being a lot of who is sexier, Tom Jones or Engelbert.....

    Love the book. I collect books like that as the are such delightful reads and if they have photos even better:)

  14. EH is not really my bag; but what great finds! ... :0)

  15. Hello again, you have an award waiting for you


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