Saturday, 20 December 2008


It was Auction Day Again!

What are We like!! There were just so many wonderful Vintage things, all with their own stories to tell - I wanted to bring lots home, but I was restrained, besides, the huge 7 foot four poster bed with swags of vintage fabric wouldn't fit in my tiny bedroom - I did take the tape measure to it to check! ( I carry a tape in my bag - you never know what you may come accross!)

Anyway we were having a good day - we had looked at everything and noted in the catalogue, Lots we were interested in. I had had the little discussion with Hubby P about us 'Just Not having the room at home for any more furniture'! Yes Yes! I said.

He had bid and won some boxes with books and things in, one of the boxes had these old records in - shame I thought, someones collection the will never again be played - a collection which has been compiled over the years and treasured. There were handwritten (in beautiful copperplate) notes on the record sleeves.

One of the records was -

Judy Garland - a live recording Oct 16 1951 at the Palace, Broadway! How wonderful. This is truley a piece of social history captured on this little black disc.

Shortly after the boxes were sold HubbyP went outside for a constitutional - Well what was I to do - this next Lot was next - a wonderful 1950s Radiogram! I had loved it when I viewed it, but dismissed the idea (We had had the 'disscussion' about No furniture!) - But it would have been a sin - No one wanted it - I got it for a fiver! Yes! Just £5

Hubby p's face was a picture, but he was secretly delighted - I could tell! - And the deed was done!

This is what it looks like, rather smart piece of furniture - I just need to sort out some nice 50,s photo frames to stand on it. In this photo its just sort of been plonked down.

When the doors are open you can see the radio and record player , and you know what the record player worked straight away! And we had records to play!

What fun we had listening to all the old records - Judy Garland, Gracie Fields, Gene Kelly, Dean Martin, and host of others!

It transported me to another time, another era, it was like all those old black and white films playing in my mind - I could 'see' the fashions the hair, the clothes - hats lipstick! What a nice evening we had. So of course we are on the look out for interesting old vinyl now!

Hubby P treated himself to this - something for him to tinker with, far easier on the eye than some of this modern plastic and metal stero stuff.

I found these chair back covers in one of the boxes - on top of the records I think.

This larger one has some damage that someone has darned in the past - what happened there do you think? Did the Lady of the house spend time and effort embroidering these pretty things, and then the cat clawed at them, did her little terrier drag them on the floor and have a chew? We will never know - but they have a safe home now. That industrious little Lady will live on in her handiwork!
Ta ta for now xx


  1. It's great that someone cared enough about it to darn it!

  2. what interesting treasures you have found once again. that radiogram is so beautiful! dx.

  3. lucky you with that fab find!

    April xx

  4. I love embroidered cloths - so much love and time gone into it. That Lady may have sat embroidering her cloths while listening to the radiogram!

  5. Hello. Sorry I've not been around blogland for a while, but just had to say I love your new buys.

    We really need a record player but haven't the room for such a lovely piece of furniture. Well done.

    Love and blessings

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  7. O my goodness ! Your musical finds are fabulous. Lucky Girl !

  8. those chair covers are lovely and the radiogram is just great
    Merry Christmas!
    Josie x

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  10. It always makes me feel just a little sad when you see someone's dearly loved collections of records in the charity shop or auction; precious things not kept by relatives.

    I'm glad you're giving them a place in your little space ... :0)

  11. Wow some amazing it, just popped by to say hi!xx


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