Tuesday, 16 December 2008


I thought I had better get myself organised, and get a bit Festive - make some sort of effort! You all put me to shame with your lovely Christmas trees and whatnot.
Now I have a 'thing' about Christmas trees - I do like to have a real tree, if I am to have one ( I think its a childhood hang up - must be a real one, although because we lived in a caravan - a very small one!) However I can't bring myself to buy one that's been cut down - a dead/dying one! So I used to get one rooted - alive in a pot, when the children were small.
The last few years I have resorted to what Hubby P refers to as - ' dragging in an ol' bush and throwin' a few baubles on it'!
I like to think its a bit more artistic, holistic and eco friendly than that.
I like to think I am bringing in my 'friends' - shrubs and small trees I have grown and nurtured, to share our festivities!
No tree was harmed during the making of our Christmas!

So this year we have Mr Bay tree - stands in a pot quite happily by our front door, grown from a cutting given to me from my Mum a few years ago!

With the minimum of fuss (I don't like tinsel either - it somewhat offends my eye! - I know 'Funny Woman'!) Mr Bay is dressed with small hand painted Vintage baubles and a few other bits.
Can you see Twiggys little Christmas bauble peeping out!

Twiggy is such a love, she sent me a lovely little Christmas package - no batteries for the camera on the day of course. Needless to say it was full of pretty things, the handcrafted bauble above, the lovely blue china set, one of her crafted cards and other goodies.

I have my blue set just handy - I use it to hold my vintage lipsticks and hat pins, and other jewelry and bits and bobs that I use daily. Its near where I stand in front of the mirror and put on my make up - Yes! I am one of those who wears it every day - feel naked without it! Is it a Generation thing - do you think? Do many younger women wear make up every day - even in the house ? Or maybe its just me!

Talking about me - I've been on Ebay again - that bit where you click on Vintage Accessories!
(I have banned myself for the next few weeks - won't even 'just look' - I have spent Soooo much!)
Anyway there was this delicious Vintage purple felt hat, a bit of a beret type - needless to say I had to have it - its on its way from France - how posh is that!
So - on Sunday (at the Car Boot sale) I saw these - the very thing! to go with my hat!

Now I know the stall holder - he's a regular at the Car Boots, and I think its perfectly acceptable in the pursuit of Vintage bargains to be - well - a bit familiar and friendly, and even perhaps a bit of mild flirtation is necessary. You know what a lot of men are like, their egos are easily massaged with a flutter of the eyelashes and a nice smile!
(Goodness what with this and the daily make up - feminists will give me up as a lost cause!)
Still it bagged me this little lot!

Just as I was saying to the stall holder (ever so sweetly - like you do!) I think I would like the purple gloves - hoping he would say £1-2 , He swept the whole lot - gloves, pretty silk scarves, hand stitched handkerchief's, and my purple gloves, into a bag and said ' seeing as its you, and I know you will use them, have them all for £1'! Such a nice man!
Hubby P was with me and he said ' can't believe he just said that'!
Well - I just thanked him ever-so sweetly, like you do!
Ta ta for now! xxxxx going to wash and sort my bag of gloves and whatnot!


  1. Fantastic boot sale swag!!!

    I know what you mean about Christmas Trees. We used to have a little Christmas tree in a pot, but it got quite big so we planted it in the garden - then we moved house, again and again and have used two giant atificial coniferous swags (look very real). This year my Mum bought OH at new tree - for this year and many Christmases to come!

    Love the idea of bringing a shrubby friend inside for Christmas ;-)


  2. You are the cutest thing with your fluttering eyelashes and flirting so sweetly. I wear makeup as little as possible & I think we're likely in the same age range. I live in Florida though & it's hot and humid so it mostly streaks down my face when I put some on. Anyway looks like you got a terrific bargain on the scarves and gloves. Merry Christmas to the Allsorts household from the Fitzcharming abode.

  3. Goodness - well, always good to get a bargain through the judicious use of eyelash fluttering. Well done!

    Mr Baytree looks extremely tasteful - right up my street. I love that pared-down look - much more like the trees of yore.

    Merry Christmas Mrs Allsorts!

  4. Oh my I think you have an admirer!!
    What a great assortment of goodies for you to go through and all for a £1!!
    My boot sales have finished until next year - roll on spring- so I am really envious


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