Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Three bags full - and no sign of a lamb chop!

Yes! in 'ranty' mode again!
I just had to show you this - not even three full bags of shopping and £40!
Is it me? or are prices still creeping up and up! - I can remember not that long ago, when I could just about fill a trolley at Lidls for £40.
This was just a very basic shop - no meat, wine or fancy bits, I really feel for those of you with a big family to feed. Its not like we can just avoid buying - we have to eat.
Enough, enough, enough of the rant!
The Credit Crunch is with us Big Time! Any hints on a cheaper Christmas - what you all doing for Christmas dinner? Porks a bit dodgy now with this Irish pork having Dioxins or whatever in it. There is always something, isn't there! Perhaps we should all go back to rearing our own pig at the bottom of the garden, at least we would know how it was treated, and what went into it!
Just a bit of a grovelling apology now, to all of you who have tagged me and been kind enough to give me Awards and things. I know I am hopeless at responding to these things. I have totally lost track - I think I will just draw a line under them and start again! Try and promise to be a better Blogger!

How about this? Anyone remember Dallas and all those wonderful shoulder pads the women wore!
Well I found this and presented it to Hubby P ( well any Man who was anyone in the 80's was wearing it!) he just gave me a scathing look - and said 'You are joking!!**?'
Guess I will just have to find an appreciative bloke on Ebay - a J R fan.

Up date on the Hat stands I have made - they have their pretty covers on them now. I must say they do the job just fine!

My collection is growing - and I do wear them all. I am trying not to get into the habit of collecting just for the sake of it, I want them to be wearable - if only in the garden.

This is the latest - very flowery, ideal for the Church bazaar or similar stuffy occasion! Should turn heads - its only the brave people who make a comment!

Anyway - I am supposed to be writing my Christmas cards, and wrapping Hubby Ps Birthday present - he is Very Old tomorrow !!!!!!

Ta Ta for now xxxx


  1. I know what you mean about shopping, I've been doing online shopping at tesco, at least you can see what it adds up. The hat stands look great, well done! hope hubby has a great birthday, my hubby's is on christmas day!
    Josie x

  2. Groceries are terrible - each time I go, I come back grumbling about something. It was butter being £1.30 last time!!! I love the hat stands - they look good. Laughing at the Dallas joke.

  3. It is ridiculous the price of shopping now. We have started buying our meat from the indoor market. It is a much better cut and half the price.
    The hat stands look fabulousa nd Happy birthday to your hubby.

  4. Our shopping bill is getting huge. I buy online from asda as it means 1. I don't have to go to supermarket, which I hate. 2. I'm not tempted to buy `extras'. I think the cost of meat and fruit and veg from supermarkets is terrible. My advice, is get to Aldi, their fruit and veg offers are fab.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow to hubby P!!!
    Twiggy x

  5. Oh I hear you on the price of shopping. With four of us in the house (plus the cat) it's getting ridiculous, and don't even get me started on the price of gas!! Makes my blood boil!

    I love your hatstands and I particularly like the reddy coloured hat. Very vintage. Love it.


  6. Shopping at the supermarket always makes me wince. Imagine how rich we would all be if we didn't have to eat!
    The hat stands you made look realy good - very innovative!

  7. We are each providing something for the christmas dinner at my Parents....we have cut out the buffet we used to have in the evening as its totally unnessessary, after such a good dinner....then my mother is making the leftovers into a stew for boxing day.....now thats thrifty!

    I have to say tho, that food shop is getting more expensive...i nearly passed out in Aldi the other day......£56.....and the trolly was half full....as i'm a childminer making meals for the two littles ones....i have been trying hard to be inventive...when the apples were on special offer i bought 4 bags....stewed them and popped them in the freezer....today they will go with bio yogurt and be made up into an apple crumble....

    Mash form Thurs....with tuna....made into fishcakes!
    Its fun....i think....!?LOL!!!

  8. I agree, we cwertainly can't afford Sainsbury's anymore and go to Aldi. I makes much more sense. Trouble is what we save goes towards the gas bill.

  9. Hi there!

    The bag is ck b4 she went to china.....i still love her stuff but i save myself for the sales these days!

    I love angelsey....we go about 3 times a yr and stay in Moelfre!x

  10. Wow that would be great!

    Yes please!

    We love it there....so peaceful!xxx

    Have super weekend!

  11. I will make you feel better. My shopping bill came to £112.00 today and to be honest there wasn't a lot there. Luckily because it's Christmas my husband didn't bat an eyelid about the total......as he goes gaga this time of year......I had to suffer Bing Crosby murdering Christmas songs in the car n the way home...

  12. We do a veg box scheme which saves on supermarket prices and miles. We have very little meat now, because of the poor quality and cost. I'm putting my name down for an allotment next Spring. A frugal site for a thrifty Christmas is:


    I love your hat stands and latest addition to your collection ... :0)


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