Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Hi everyone!
Just a little catch up! Life has been so busy - the inevitable has happened and Hubby has had to go through the long and frustrating process of applying for Job Seekers Allowance/Benefit or whatever its called! A steep learning curve for us - what a faff! Its not something we have had to do before - I suppose we've been very fortunate. Anyway hopefully we are sorted out, so life goes on. A bit strange having him around all day - all week! Mind you we have been so busy rearranging our life - time to do all those little jobs we had put on the back burner, finding sources of free firewood, and other money saving/making little projects.
Thermal undies (even sexy little long johns that Hubby P says make him look like Max Wall!) have been donned, and carboot sales sought in the pursuit of a few extra pennies.
We are seeing another side of life for sure, but I must say it is nice to have all this time together - to mooch about carboots and have our little adventures!
Our own little Woodsman (son Will) came today to sort out some logs for us - keep the old folks warm! It was nice to see him and catch up - why is it University life seems to be just one big party! Its Reading week this week - no lectures, so he has managed to get some work, he is a qualified Tree surgeon so we may be lucky and get some more wood! We are trying our best to fill the enormous wood shed that Hubby P built earlier this year.

Pretty Three Cornered Leeks!

Just look at these little old boots! they are some of my old walking/gardening boots that I nestled in a comfy spot in the garden, and planted up! They have grown a nice covering of moss - it looks and feels like fur - a real pixie, fairy little corner of the garden!
They are sprouting a nice clump of Three Cornered Leeks.

I transplanted one of my 'baby' larger Oak trees into some of the galvanised ware that I bought a couple of weeks ago. It seems quite happy in there!

I just love the Autumn colours!

Having a good sort out!

With all that's been going on, and thinking of a life that maybe a little different - hopefully only for a short while, but none the less, it makes a person re-assess all around them.
I have taken the plunge and started to have a major sort out and down size my sewing stash! It really is a sin, I have found stuff I didn't know I had!
Fabric, buttons, trims, and stacks of books.
So keep a look out on Ebay - possibly half my house!!!!
I mean - really!!

How many buckles does a girl need! They should be out there! - adorning lovely Handcrafted bags and whatnot!
Any way - that's about all for now! Early to bed tonight its the Household Auction tomorrow - very exciting!! Getting bidding fever already!
Oh! - and a Chicken for Gary!!!

Ta ra for now xxxxx


  1. I love your gardening boots with all the moss. I shall have to try that in my wild garden.

    Are you selling the Jan Beaney book in your photo? If so, which one is it?

  2. any advice on job-seekers, just e-mail me, been there, done that...I know what you mean about having hubby there all the time, but yes it is nice spending time together which isn't always possible when couples are both working. Some of that fabric look interesting.
    Josie x

  3. I like having hubby around for a few days but then the novelty wears off, I seem to always be making cups of tea and things to eat and the house never stops tidy. I hope some work comes along soon. I too sorted out my fabric stash this week and couldn't believe what I had accumilated over the years. Don't think I'll live long enough to use it all up!!

  4. Love the planted up boots - may I copy that one?

    Sometimes life gives us a shake up and it's a good feeling to have a sort out. My cupboards are well overdue a sort through too! And with work thin on the ground it looks as if the next few months are the time to do it.

    Good luck with everything!

  5. Hope you're all ok and hubby gets something sorted out soon. Although things are hard for you, it'll be nice to see each other and do stuff together. I've got hubby at home today as he is ill and has had two days annual leave, it's weird not being alone with Twiglet, but I like it! i really ought to get rid of some of my stuff or at least stop buying stuff! Keep warm and take care
    Twiggy x

  6. I'm sorry to hear about that - those forms can be a pain. You sound fairly positive, which is good. I hope things go well.
    As for the boots that you've planted - what a fantastic idea.

  7. Good to read a new post from you xx

    JS is a right pain, we went there 3 years ago, thankfully DH got a new job just in time this time.

    Love the boots, and good to see you so positive about things.

    Love and blessings

  8. Hi Julie, I tried to email you about the Jan Beaney book - couldn't get it to send.If you email me then perhaps I can give you more info about it. It is one of the heap of books I hope to sell on at some point.

    As too is the heap/s of fabric thats increasing daily on my dining table!

    Hope you are all keeping warm - its really cold and rainy here!

    x Vicky x

  9. Hi, I came across your blog via Sea Angels. Life seems to be dealing us all blows in various forms at the moment. I hope you get sorted soon.

    I love your boots in the garden!


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