Monday, 27 October 2008


God must be a Woman! who else would think of putting such wonderfully pink! pink! pink! beans inside the pods of my somewhat boring runner beans.
I let the beans 'grow on' a bit for the beans to develop, so we would have some nice fat juicy beans for our thick, warming soups in the winter.
What riches we found on harvesting them! Such beautiful jewel colours!
We got quite a few,and bagged them up for the freezer - just in the odd handfuls, ready to throw in the soups.

Frugality is the order of the day here! Nothing new news really, but we had bad news on Friday - Hubby P has been 'Laid Off' work until further notice, like many across the country I suppose.
He's quite upbeat about it and full of plans to supplement our income. Quite fancies getting into House Removals, and Clearance, doing a bit selling here and there. He had his first 'deal' this weekend - emptying a 'Pigsty' of all things! Not that it had housed pigs for a long time - a neighbour had used it as a store for all sorts of interesting things!
Unfortunately the sty was only 5ft tall so Hubby P having had to stoop to empty it now had a stiff sore back - good start! \Hubby hobblin about!

Just a few little bits and bobs you might like, little Car Booty finds!!

Nice little (well not so little really!) Vintage St Michael's vinyl bag, really sturdy for all those organic veggies down at the Farmers Market!

This is really pretty, its one of those perpetual calenders. So pretty and pink!

And this just charmed me! Took me right back to my Childhood!

And then Yesterday ~ BOOM!! ~
The cooker blew up! Thus One dead cooker!
Just when we are on a tight budget - but isn't that always the case!
I shall put a Post on Freecycle, ask if anyone has an old thing that will 'put us on', as they say.

Thank goodness for the slow cooker!

And I have been busy !! - making Little Welsh Angels!

Just little things made of felt and ace, something I can do snuggled up by the fire watching the TV.

This is Hope

This is Joy

This is Ivy

This is Holly

And Hope.
I thought I might just pop these on Ebay - nothing seems to be moving on Etsy.If I put them on at £2.99 postage 50p maybe I will sell one or two, just helps replenish the coffers for more goodies! Of course if any of you fancy a Little Welsh Angel, just email me, and I can soon pop one in the post.
My Ebay can be reached by I am going to try and link it at the top of the side bar then you can have a regular nosey at the nice vintage goodies I find! Sometimes its nice just to browse, and get ideas!
Anyway off to grovel on Freecycle for a cooker.
Have a nice week ~ its gonna be cold ~ wrap up warm!
xx Vicky xx


  1. Smashing beans.
    Much love to you all.
    Twiggy x

  2. Wow. I don't think I've ever seen pink beans before. My DD would love those! LOL.

    Sorry about your DHs job. Hopefully he'll get sorted with something soon.


  3. lovely colour for the beans. I know what you mean about etsy, good luck with ebay sales and I hope you get a 'new' cooker on freecycle. Bad news about hubby's job...
    Josie x

  4. Sorry to hear about hubby's job, hope he'll find a few removal jobs soon. I think we are all having to tighten our belts. I seem to head straight for the reduced items in the supermarket first now, as my mom always says, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

  5. I was going to suggest you look on freecycle. I've seen about 5 go up in the last month, especially free standing ones. Most peeps don't want those.

    Sounds like your hubo is pretty resourceful! Perhaps you could club together and do up furniture and sell it? House clearances are a good source and I've even got proper antiques on freecycle.

    Is your hubo good at making things? Chicken houses are sooo popular now especially with the financial worries maybe he could make those?

  6. Sorry to hear about the cooker, and more so the job situation. It's not good anywhere atm.
    Hope all DH's plans work out though, and you get offered a cooker on Freecycle.

    Thank you for a lovely upbeat post despite your worries. You are a special person.
    Love and blessings

  7. Sorry about dh being laid off and of course the wretched cooker blowing up! Hope you manage to find one on freecycle. Is there none in the local paper being advertised cheap? When we moved a a house a while ago I was left with an assortment of working white goods that I sold for next to nothing just to get rid of them. Not everyone has heard of freecycle.

  8. What about setting up a mobile food van, selling all your beautiful beans if you have spare.

    Hope everything sorts itself out

    Vanessa x

  9. Sorry to hear about Hubby. :-(
    Pretty Beans, have you thought about the possibility of there being a cooker at the top of a beanstalk! ya never know? lol.
    I hope you have got a cooker by now.
    Love the M&S bag, great find.
    Have a great day X x X x X


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