Monday, 10 November 2008


Home is where the heart is! How true!
Today just a few odd photos - oddments I have found stashed away, you may have seen them before - I can't remember!
We've had a hectic, expensive, but fun week - and Hubby P has had a days work today! Wow - dare we hope things are picking up on the work front?

I just love candlelight and warm colourful shades on my lights, especially during these long cold evenings!


The Fun bit - we went to the Household Auction, where we bought a (literally) car full of boxes of goodies - more about that at a later post, when I can get to use the camera!

The expensive bit - Our car engine blew up - head gasket went in spectacular style - it died! We just about hobbled into the Auction! - 'well! what now!' I said to Hubby P - and he said -' we might as well go to the Auction and sort the car later!' So we did - then rang the garage for advice, managed to get going again (with a fully loaded car full of Auction goodies) and limped to the garage.
The thought of hunting for another car made me eel sick - I just hate all that trailing around huming and ahring at all sorts of shapes ans sizes, and degrees of rust!
At the garage they - Hubby P and 'Brian the Garage' were uming and ahring at our dead car, and discussing buying another - I said, 'Well! what we really could do with is a Van, if we are going to do more carboot sales'
'Come with Me' says Brian - and what did he have in the garage but a really good Astra car/van thingy, at a really good price! We know our garage man really well, so were happy to look no further! - How relieved was I!

So now Hubby P is 'White Van Man' !!!!

Just some trinkets!

Can you see Alice's feet!! Ha ha!
So A bit of a hectic week - we also had to sort through all the boxes we bought at the Auction - absolutely fascinating - a little sad but so interesting! A lot of the boxes came from an old ladies house and we discovered she must have had a passion for Ballet dance, there were lots of notebooks with dance exercises and examination pieces written in them. Ballet magazines, lovely pictures and ornaments. All sorts! a real insight into a well travelled, cultured Lady.
Hopefully some more up -to date, topical photo's next post!
Ta ta for now xxxx


  1. It is amazing what you can discover on Anglesey. You are right about the warmth of candlelight on these cold, long, dark winter evenings on the island.

    Let's hope we don't need to use them because the electricity supply is cut off!

  2. I love your little cottage it's so cosy. I love your positive attitude too missus. Glad hubby has a bit of work and sounds like you're having fun at the sales. You'll have to advertise hubbys services white van man at your service :) I've thought about you over last few days as it's blowing a gale with heavy rain showers up here, I think my greenhouse will be blowing away shortly and it reminded me of when we were in Anglesey this summer, remember the rain??? Keep cosy.
    Twiggy x

  3. I'm sure your new van will come in handy for all your car booting and auctions. Glad hubby got a days work, Jo XX

  4. you cant beat a van for getting the mood for work! it will all come now!

  5. LOL it took me a while to spot Alices feet.
    I love all your trinkets and baubles!

  6. Lovely bits and bobs. Another engine blow-out, we're not the only ones then: strangely, we also have been considering buying a van instead of another car!

  7. Hi, Me again!
    You won an award... please pop over andto my site pick it up!

  8. Your house is lovely!! I wonder if I walked past it when I visted Anglesey on honeymoon 10 years ago! I am in the process of tagging you on my blog. Pop over and take a look.


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