Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Hello there! Hope you are having a good week!
Just a little bit of worrying news - Yes! the Credit Crunch is snapping at the heels of the Allsorts household! Hubby P has been told at work, the situation is - if we don't have any work/orders then we will tell you not to come in to work, and we cannot pay you for those days. Things are really bad in the Printing trade, lots of Printing companies are in the same position. So we are living one day at a time, hoping things pick up - Hubby P is confident they will, and I have got my fingers crossed!
On to happier things - Car Booty finds!
Just look at this wonderfully Pink! dressing gown! It just shrieks 'Girlie Girlie' at you!
I know its not my size (it will go on Ebay I think) - but I just had to save it from the recycling/rubbish tip (a lot of Booters are House Clearance people and what they don't sell they take to the tip, to make room for the following weeks house clearance).
It just reminded me so much of the 70s - I had one just like it - I think everyone did. Mine was a lovely lemon colour with little roses embroidered on the collar. I remember Mum repeatedly warning us not to go too near the fire (although there was always one of those huge nursery fireguards around it - remember - with all the towels an d socks drying on it!). I suppose being made of Nylon they were a real fire hazard!
This pink one is real glam! for the sophisticated Lady!!
It was a day for reminiscing! My Gran had one of these (this was scrunched up at the bottom of a box!) it was kept behind the pantry door and she kept little bits if string in it. She saved every last piece and the same with wrapping paper - and even butter wrappers! I suppose it was habits formed during the war. I tell you - that pantry was like an Aladdin's cave to me! We had a great time, she had all the time in the world for me, we sat and did all sorts of crafty things.

This is a lost lonely little Staffordshire dog! Hubby P brought him home one day - I have a little collection of similar dogs (which were my Grandparents) and he thought this one could join them.

The others are here sat on my bedroom window sill. Although he is lovely, I just don't think he fits in - too flowery for me. So he too is destined for Ebay or car boot!

An exciting little gardening project, our neighbours want away for a couple of weeks (somewhere nice and warm!) and I looked after the house and resident goldfish.
How thrilled was I when they brought these special exotic seeds back for me!
The seeds need a good soaking and whatnot, buts lets hope I can get them to grow! Watch this space!

On the Home Front!
Apple wine (made from the peelings of the apple harvest the other week) is doing well - the kitchen smells like a brewery! I got almost 3 demijohns full - that's some party!

And whilst snapping around with the camera, I caught this - this is something I found the other week. I have been using it for eggs, I thought it was rather cute! Only thing is, it doesn't hold enough for me, maybe its time for it to move on!

I know it sounds like I am 'moving everything on'- but if you could see the amount of stuff I have packed away in cupboards!! Trying to be firm with myself, got to lessen the load a bit!
Time for Tea! Bye for now XX


  1. Really interesting post... the apple wine looks like it will be delicious. But that dressing gown... yes, I had one too but it is hideous!!!

  2. ROFL at being told not to get to close to the fire. I rememeber that well! My one of those was pale blue with a pocket on the front. The perfect accompaniment for a nylon nightie and nylon sheet (static sparks! Yey!).

    Hope things pick up at your DHs place soon.

  3. I like that string bag, will you be making any for your etsy shop?
    Josie x

  4. I share your concern. My hubby also works in the publishing business & often has to take unpaid days off when work is slow. Hopefully your slow season will end quickly.

    BTW - maybe you could teach us to make apple wine?

  5. Ooh those awful dressing gowns...they were worn by old ladies until they were frayed and knobbly and scorched bits from where they had sat too close to a two bar electric fire...

    I re-use my butter wraps for lining cake tins with.

  6. Hope things pick up for Mr P - I had one of those dressing gowns too and also wasn't allowed near the fire!

    April xx

  7. Oh I remember those dressing gowns well, I even had one in my 20s I got from a jumble sale, though it didn't feel like nylon, I almost wish I still had it, it was very snuggly with a pretty blue print.

    Sorry to hear about your DHs work, we have had the same happen to us over the last few months. Not very nice.

    Love and blessings

  8. Worrying about Mr Allsort's work - all fingers and sticky out bits crossed that the work continues to flow in.

    Love that bag for string and the apple wine looks smashing! Hmm, not so sure about the dressing gown, although it is rather kitsch and I'm sure something similar featured in a Queen video!

  9. Wow the pink dressing gown took me back to my childhood in the 70's. We had no fireguards in those days so all that nylon was an absolute fire hazard, and worn with the net curtain style baby doll nightdress God forbid if there was a power cut and my mam had to get the candles out... Whoosh. I like the egg stand its very retro.

  10. Love the string bag and the apple wine!! Sorry that the credit crunch is at your heels!
    My Grandma had a wonderful pantry as well!

  11. Sorry to hear about the dh's work. I think generally now is the time to battern down hatches and pull in your belt a notch or two!
    That dressing gown brought back memories for me as my mum had one in maroon and I bet my Dad has it squirreled away somewhere yet.
    I like the string bag, especially as it brought back memories for you of an older generation who kept all sorts of bits and bobs. My grandad kept brown paper bags and my Dad keeps bits of wood in case they 'come in useful'.

  12. Hi Lady
    Sorry to hear about hubbys work, it is a worrying time, fingers crossed for you. I remember those dressing gowns I had a very fetching one in the 70s, it was pale blue with chinese blossom patterns, my mum bought it as a bribe cos I had to go to hossie to have my tonsils out! Also had a hideous orange baby doll nightie thing, I was 7 it wasn't my fault ok?
    Don't get too tipsy on the apple wine :)
    Twiggy x

  13. Love the staffordshire dog and that apple wine is looking good!
    My mum had one of those egg holders, but she had sherry glasses in hers!

  14. Oh what a bummer this CC is, :-( hope all picks up.

    Nighty! Nighty! ..... Luxury, our Jim jams where as many clothes as you could get on in one night and before me brother or sisters got to them first, i remember not being able to bend co's i had so many clothes on, i was snuggly warm though, Lol.

    The apple Juice looks good..Slurp..

    Great post, thanks. X x X x X


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