Saturday, 30 August 2008


Hi folks - just a quickie!!!!
Just an excuse really to rave about Freecycle! If you haven't tried it, try it - if you don't know about it find out! Its world wide as far as I know.
I was a very emotional day today, when I had to part with some of my baby trees. I have a number of different trees in large tubs (which they are desperate to get out of, and into the garden) - I have grown them from seeds and cuttings, so I have nurtured them for a good while - all along hoping I would find somewhere to plant them!
Who was I kidding! no way could I fit another tree in my small space.
So I have had to bite the bullet and re-home them! I Offered them on our local Freecycle scheme - what a response I had!! I could have re-homed them tree times over! In the end I just put names in a hat - and what nice people they were - so nice to meet new people, and hear all about their gardens and what they wanted the trees for. Some to screen off the rugby pitch, others were going to a school gardening project, others to grace local gardens.
A wonderful thing too for sourcing odd bits and pieces - I asked if anyone had any off cuts of shed felt (poor little summerhouse has sprung a leak) - I got a email within the hour, a nice man said he had some part rolls, and we would be doing him a favour taking it away! So everyone is happy!!
Babies in assorted junky pots and buckets!
Update on the Money Making Schemes!!!
I have always got pots of little cuttings and seedlings (which have decided they like it in the vegetable bed rather than the flower beds!) - I have a special little nursery corner. I usually give them away, and the last couple of weeks took some to sell at the Car Boot Sale - But! - covering all possible sales opportunities and venues!! I put a table out by the gate and stuck a few plants out there!

Well - I thought! - years ago when you travelled the lanes there were always bits and bobs outside cottages and farm gates. I can only give it a try!
And guess what!! First sale today! I'm only charging a £1 a pot - but many a mickle makes a muckle!
I am full of optimism! - we shall come through the beastly Credit Crunch!!

I lifted my Horseradish plant today and harvested some of the root, I'm looking for receipts for horseradish sauce to bottle (which will keep for a few months ). The ones I have found include fresh cream - sound delish - but are designed to use immediately, will not keep. Anyone got any ideas?
Just need to find some roast beef now - Credit Crunch beef ?

Ta ra for now xxx


  1. Hi there
    the following receipe for horseradish sauce come from a fairly old home preserves book.
    Horseradish roots
    Distilled vinegar

    Wash peel the horseradish.
    Grate or shred
    Pack into clean dry jars and cover with the vinegar.
    Cover with vinegar proof covers.
    Store in cool dark place.
    To serve, remove as much horseradish as required,
    drain off vinegar, stir in cream, soured cream or yoghurt season with salt and pepper to taste.
    ta dah!!!

    Hope this helps
    Love jan x

  2. I don't suppose rounding up an unsuspecting cow is allowed?... Only Joking!

  3. Thanks Jan, that sounds nice and easy, might give that a go! Think I might be put in prison if I go rustling cattle - wonder what the foods like inside? any roast beef?

  4. We still have a fair few Honesty Box spots here, it is a great system.

  5. Hello you.
    I love Freecycle, as you know, I was given a lovely old Singer Sewing machine this weekend, as Myrtle is getting a bit grumpy in her old age. I now have two old lady sewing machines now - both from Freecycle. I've also given loads of shrubs/toys/books/furniture away and Mr Twigs and his bike bits well that's another story. It is fab isn't it? and as you say Freecyclers are such lovely people.
    Well done on the plant sales, excellent idea, your credit crunching ideas are an inspiration missus
    twiggy x
    PS Save us some horderadish sauce for next year, we've booked our hols!

  6. that should read horseradish sauce, obviously!

  7. I joined freecycle a few months ago and offloaded lots of fabric (which I now need LOL) and yarn. I've not actually had anything yet, but the idea is wonderful.

    I might try a table for some stuff out the front if the weather ever gets nice enough!

    Love and blesssings

    ps. Glad your babies found good homes xxx


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