Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Hi folks!
What a week! The house and garden are both littered with this sort of thing!
Tools, paint, nails roofing felt, sticky-on-y stuff and ladders, gravel, you name it we have it here! And all this for a new - non-leaky roof!
Hubby P - bless him, has taken a weeks holiday from work to fix us a new roof. We desperately needed to do something, the roof was in a terrible state. Good job Hubby P is very good at this sort of thing, and can turn his hand to most things without much incident - we have had our moments during DIY but usually its me that gets my boot nailed through! or whacked on the head with a piece of timber - all in the process of 'helping'! Thank goodness I'm past being able to get up a ladder now (dodgy ankle, and general dizziness - not a good combination!) - and we have the Lads to help. It was a real job trying to get the bitumen off Richards hands and arms! he works as a Baker - not a good look 'Tarry ' hands dealing with bread!
We are half way there - what a job its been trying to do it around the rain!

Hubby P just has the finishing bits to do - fascias and flashing, if that means anything to you!

We still managed to visit a Car Boot Sale - or two!
Got myself this little 'Shabby' table - I knows its very shabby, people were giving it a wide berth, but its just what I have been looking for. I wanted just a small table to put in the conservatory, something to put the newspapers on. And I think it is just charming - well loved as it is! The blokes just throw the papers on the floor - its just one of those things that really gets to me - so now and forever it shall be the 'paper' table!

I couldn't resist this! Isn't it delightful! and in such good condition. I know the its outside, but 'artistic licence' and all that - I just wanted to get a good photo of it.
Not sure if I will keep it or not, I need to play around with it, see if it 'fits' anywhere in the house.
Very 'Country Living' though!

More Grannie Bags, again these were common place when I was growing up!
And do you remember Peek Frean's Biscuits! I remember them being Soooo sweet - covered in garishly coloured icing with pretty pattens decorating the top! Real tooth-achy stuff!
Maybe they were a bit more expensive - I remember they seemed to make an appearance at Birthday parties.
The little blue bag I bought to decorate with felt toadstools and embroidery.

More builder type goodies - Hubby P bought these stained glass windows for £3, he intends re-doing the little porch we have on the conservatory and will incorporate these. Just - well because he wants to! Make it look a bit different and pretty!
A bargain at £3!!

Gardening news!!
Not a lot really - its all been roof, roof, roof!
These exciting little boxes came the other day, some Allium Bulbs I had sent for ages ago.
I really must try and get them in soon.
Should be a wonderful show next summer!

On the Crafty front!
Just some little Friendship Bands and Brooches/Corsages - the sort of little projects I can do whilst watching TV, I've not had much energy to do much else after mauling about with the roofing.

Got to go and assist with some big boards/fascias now - just hope I don't get nailed to the wall!!
Ta Ta for now xx


  1. Love those little brooches and wrist bands - very pretty.
    Good luck with the DIY!

  2. I bet you make a fantastic builders mate! Do you hold Public Liability Insurance!

    Love and I mean love that table, 'Very Country Livingish'

    Vanessa x

  3. Brilliant finds there, especially the windows!

  4. Ugh! I've broken out in hives just thinking about flat roofs! We have one on our extension and it's a right royal PITA! That bitumen stuff is a bugger to get off!

    Great table. I'm sure it'll look really cute in the conversatory (if you can ever see it under the growing pile of papers ;)


  5. Well done on the roofing job. It looks very neat job and well done.

    We;ve just built a huge shed and avairy system in our garden so I can relate to how much work it takes.

    Like the little shabby table btw!

  6. Love the table its gorgeous, but i especially like the magazine rack now that is really nice. Good job on the roof! x

  7. Some nice goodies there. By heck your hubby is a handy man to have around isn't he? when he's finished his list of jobs will you send him up here to build me a greenhouse please? My mum used to have nylon shopping bags like the one you purchased, 1970s or what!
    Twiggy x

  8. I adore your little shabby table..just the sort of thing I would have bought ;-)


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