Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Hi there folks!!
As the title suggests this post is about Money - I know its a rather vulgar topic and genteel ladies sipping tea wouldn't dream of bringing the topic into the conversation! - But! ask yourselves! are they faced with the complexities of the Credit Crunch!! -- and impending Dooooooooooom!! Not that I am worried! - there are no cries of 'Don't Panic, Don't Panic !' in the manner of Dads Army - not yet anyway.
Its just that I feel I should be prepared should we encounter difficulties - and have a little salted away for a Rainy Day (I know we've had plenty of those - but you know what I mean!).
Thus - Money making schemes!!

I have messed about on Ebay for a while - how better to idle away hours by trawling through lists of goodies that you shouldn't even consider buying! So I decided to 'Get Serious' - 'Be Tough' and start selling some of the mountains of stuff I have collected (most of it sits in boxes, not looked at for months on end!), and maybe look for items to sell - to sell to people who appreciate pretty vintage finds, who perhaps don't have the great fortune, as some of us do, to trawl through boot sales and charity shops.
I might be rubbish at it but I can give it a go, I have just discovered (techno wiz that I am!) that if you go to Community on Ebay you can easily search for listings by individuals if you have their ID - maybe I am teaching 'Grannie to suck eggs' here, but its all new to me! My ID is Anglesey_Allsorts - no surprise there then! Should you want to have a peek!
Speaking of finds, I picked this up at the Car Boot on Sunday - again the box intrigued me!

Box was a bit dusty and shabby looking but in good order, and when I lifted the lid I found this!

I had expected just a box of the usual transfers, and they were transfers (for embroidery etc) but how wonderful! All 'Letter' transfers, all different fonts - Gothic, floral and whatnot, and all in their own little alphabetical compartment.

Some had their original wrappings on - never been opened. I have been through the box looked lovingly at all the beautiful designs - folded then neatly and put them back - Hubby P thinks I am mad! - spending the best part of a evening - taking out - looking - Ahhhing - refolding and putting back in box! But what can I say - He's a man! - how can he possibly begin to understand!
However! working to the new Strict, Strong - Firm with myself - criteria - what would I do with it! - put it on a shelf? So I don't know yet - it maybe Ebay bound!

Anyone remember Granny with one of these? Found at Tuesday Car Boot! Its called (the label says) a Gaybag! I thought it rather cute - harking back to Grannies stood in the grocers, hair curlers covered with a headscarf - havin a good ol' gossip!

Another Money Making scheme -
why not have a stall at the Car Boot, after all we go every week, it just needed a bit of organisation - and an injection of effort - the getting up early was possibly the hardest part! Its amazing how much stuff you can find if you go through the house with a box - and determination! Hubby P at work - one hurdle out of the way! hes like a hamster wanting to hoard things away - although I must admit its one of my weaknesses - but not now Strict, Firm , Strong - Credit Crunch - its like a mantra!!

Anyway I made some of this scrummy Apple Mint Jelly, from the apples from the tree and mint from the garden. It really is fragrant scrumminess - we eat it by the bucketful! So some for us and a pot or two for the Car Boot stall! I even bagged up some fresh from the garden spuds and sold them! People do appreciate fresh food.

Just couple of garden pics!

I have been collecting these old pottery bottles and whatnot, I think they give a little interest to the foliage, this big one came from the Recycling centre - one of Hubby P's finds!

The fennel is looking really lovely - a bright splash of golden yellow!
Ta Ta for now xxx


  1. I think I've been in a permanent credit crunch, so I'm really interested in your ideas.
    I'm not on ebay (yet) though my daughter has sold a few things for me. But I'm off to look at your goodies in the hope that some of your lovely vintage lace will be there.

    Love and blessings

  2. Those transfers should do well if you do ebay them - they look gorgeous. Ebay is certainly good for offloading stuff when our houses start to burst at the seams! Good luck! x

  3. Oooo - hello Elaine. We left a comment at the same time!

  4. Ooh! Wish I could come to your car boot sale. I haven't let myself get drawn into ebay. I spend too much time on the computer as it is!

  5. ooh I love those letters. I have only ever sold one thing on Ebay! I really should sell some more.

  6. Some great schemes there Mrs Allsorts and some lovely looking appley minty jelly. Car boots are really fab aren't they/ I get really excited about our local one.

    Like Gina though, I haven't gone down the ebay route yet - that's Mr P's bag. Blogging is enough for me at the moment!

  7. Those letters are fab, you are good at sniffing out interesting stuff. Hmmm apple jelly sounds delish. I could do with some money making schemes I think, keep up the good work.
    Twiggy x

  8. The apple jelly sounds and looks delicious. Any money making ideas gratefully received.

  9. Good luck with the money making schemes. That apple jelly looks fab and well done for selling the spuds. I have added you to my fave sellers on ebay too just in case you have any must haves!


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