Thursday, 3 July 2008


Look at this!!! How exciting! I have been given an old vintage phone that really works - and works well! Its a real 'meaty' sound to it -DRING DRING! it calls - and a body simply has to answer 'Gwalchmai 172! Lady of the house speaking! How may I help you?' - this of course necessitates me being dressed at all all times in twinset and pearls and investing in some RED lippy!
Its so smart - well the kids think I have gone totally mad, but you know what - I don't care!
Carbooty finds!!
Its been so wet its been difficult to get a 'Fix', I think Hubby P has with drawl symptoms, at least I have been able to go to the Tuesday carboot whereas he has to work!
This delightful little number is so cute, embroidered by Phylis M Taylerson, Colchester 1949 (it has a little card inside with these details ) - so nice to have a little history with a 'find'. I wonder what Phylis was doing in - I think it says -Everry Tree Camp, Colchester?

Such a pretty little thing, and the work is beautifully done - I shall treasure it!


More wonderful Gifts!!
Take a look at this - unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice.
My very special friend Alice ( gave me this very special picture - it was part of her Degree Show work (she is a illustrator). The guy in the picture is my son Will (he's a Tree surgeon - thus the leaves!). She has captured Him sooooo well!
Check out her other work on her Blog - pass her name around - girls trying to get on the career ladder, God knows its so hard these days for young people.

And me and my chickens!
A gift from Inspector Marmalade! - another illustrator friend! She knows I love chickens - I think this was probably something to do with her Show work. Check her out ( ) I am so thrilled that they should think of me!

Ok! The heavy - worryin stuff now!! Prices, Recession, Credit Crunch!!!!!
How we gonna manage? everything is going up and up - I am dreading the increase in electricity - its one of our biggest bills ( we have no gas this part of the Island, and anyway that's going up too!)
So , I've gone back o he War years - they managed then, and its fascinating, how little they had with rationing, and what they did with it!
Hubby P found me this book on his lunchtime charity shop trawl, and I am on the look out for others. I know there is lots on the web, but there is nothing like a good book is there!
I have got back into making bread, I use to do it all the time - but I got lazy! But it is so much nicer, and I worked out that it costs about 25p/per nice wholesome fresh bread, compared to the what - approx £1/loaf at the supermarket! (I know I am so sad!)

The only down side is - You just want to eat great chunks of it - spread with Asdas reduced price butter ( down to 50p over the weekend!) and nothing else! Looking more like the side of a house every day!
Where Do You Get Your Inspiration!!
I was just thinking the other day -as you do! So many people out there with wonderful ideas, where does it/creativity come from.
I know I shamelessly browse books and magazines and often link one idea with another, I collect all these ideas/things I like/ things I would sell my soul for!!! by sticking the pictures in scrap books. I have quite a collection, and they are nice to browse through for ideas.

Here's a little photo of some of the scrap books - nothing fancy as you can see, but in a way I suppose they 'sum me up' - my likes, my wants, my interests, my dreams! When I am dead and gone someone need only look at these to get a picture of this nutty woman living in a tumbly down cottage in deepest darkest Anglesey!!!
Ta Ta for now xx


  1. I really should put together some scrapbooks from all the cuttings I have taken out of magazines!! It's such a good idea.
    Love the gifts! The picture of your son is fantastic.
    I love your phone as well! I've got a similar one but its the modern version with push buttons in cream!

  2. Fantastic, you got your phone sorted!! Send your hubby up here will you, he can sort my guttering out - so to speak. Anyhoo, lovely pics and you are very arty crafty, having an ideas book, I'm v.impressed. Will you post me some homemade bread please?
    Have a super weekend.
    Twiggy x

  3. I like your decision to try the latest BT technology with your green telephone. No doubt you'll be able to deal with the electricity company when you hear the automated messages telling you to press "1" for this and "2" for that:)

    Anyway you a resourceful making bread at 25p per loaf and besides it's more exciting, after all you could burn it:)

    And like your artwork too! Amazing how the Anglesey air brings out the creative spirit!

    Kind regards,

  4. Oh I love that 'phone! It looks like the one we used to have at "home" (even though I haven't lived there since I was 17 I still call it that, I mean my parents' house)

  5. You might be interested in a book I featured on my blog called make do and mend which features many of the tipe etc used during the second world war including many of the adverts used at the time. Should be a link in the side bar. i could give you the ISBN number if you would like. It is very interesting to read.

  6. Wow- I have the same phone!( ring is broken though!) and I make my own bread-the worst thing is I cut it warm and you can't cut it thin! I also have been keeping scrapbooks for years- because their always just a few special ideas in each Magazine and who needs to keep all those adverts?

  7. I bought that "we'll eat again " book from a booty last year after reading ThriftLady's thread over at Moneysaving expert forum re her experiment into feeding her family on WWII rations. Interesting read.

    I too am dreading winter with the rise in fuel bills etc.
    Seems like we bloggers often have similar fears/interests!
    Love the little embroidered picture find - such a sweetie!

  8. Hello Vicky, how are you? I am glad you liked your chicken print. I was searching around the printroom in the university building looking for scrap paper and unwanted prints to use in my collage work and I found him! I thought he was great and when I shown alice we thought it would be perfect for you ^_^ I hope you are well, it looks like you have been doing abit of searching yourself and have found some really beautiful things. Take care, Hope to see you soon! xox


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