Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I just had to share with you this lovely surprise I received this morning!
An exciting little package from Jennie at Falling Down The Rabbit Hole. Its soooo nice when you get something for YOU! - you know what I mean!

On closer inspection - after wrenching off the packaging in haste, this little chap emerged, he is just so delightful, and so wonderfully made! Thank you so much Jennie X
He tells me he likes the outdoors, so we shall have many an outing - he is small enough to ride in my handbag!
Thank you also for the groovy buttons and chocolate - guess what I had for breakfast!

Little bear smells wonderfully of Lavender - my favorite, how did you know!
Anyway hes not just little bear, hes called Flakey ( he is just the colour of a Cadburys Flake - and most Blokes can be kinda flakey!) - Why does it aways come down to chocolate or cakes with us! I swear we do subconsciously - its inbred in us!!
Flakey is going to sit by my sewing machine, all ready for the chance of an outing!

This is the GRIM bit!
Our old shed is in complete fall down mode - its been like this for ages, bu new ones are a fortune! I mean its not like its something important like an antique hand sewn quilt, sewing chests, or even news shoes - it only holds tools and Pauls 'vintage car' spares! So no he had to wait until I found him one within budget ( ha ha - what budget!). Anyway someone on Freecycle kindly offered us one. Well you would have thought we had won the Lottery!
What is it with Men and Sheds!
So now we are in full 'Pulling everything down with a BIG crowbar mode' - what a mess!
Hopefully this new shed will be up and sorted soon - and why does all the mess 'walk' into the house!!!

I was thrilled to find this Nursing chair at Carboot yesterday! Its almost a complete match to my 1940s suite.

Ta'ra for now!


  1. YAY!! I'm glad you liked him!! Flakey is a great name!

    Glad you got a shed on freecycle too, I have yet to find anything on ours!
    The nursing chair is lovely!

  2. Oh lovely stuff from Jennie, cute bear. We got two brill bikes for Twiglet from Freecycle last week. He's made up with them, one's for when he's a bit bigger but the other is perfect, we bought some stabilisers and a helmet for him and he was off :)
    Twiggy x

  3. I got a bear too - mine is called Buttons and sits on my work box!

    April xx

  4. What a lovely present for you! Love the little bear and well done on finding the nursing chair.
    We've got to buy some sheds too for our avairies and I'm dreading seeing the bill.

  5. Welcome to Flakey. He looks great

  6. Hi,
    I hope you have time to be tagged. See my blog for the rules. I love it when surprises come in the post. Only good ones, not horrid bills!

  7. I love the bear!
    So glad you got yourself a new shed too! We have an old shed covered in Virginia Creeper. I think that's what keeps the shed together! ;-)


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