Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Yes! Yes!! Its arrived all the way from America!
Well ? What do you think? I am thrilled with it - the very thing for 'Glamorous' Gardening!
Photo is not too good -well its hard taking a pic of yourself! No one around - all at work, and I did want to show you Anna's ( wonderful hat.

Button, buttons and more buttons!
I had friends to visit over the weekend - Ladysnail aka ( and Inspector Marmalade aka ( ) -take a look - up and coming illustrators! Anyway 'fiendish' button enthusiasts!!! So we got to talking and looking at my buttons - well what else on a Sunday afternoon!
This led (as it often does ) to me wondering how I could better display my buttons. For a while I have been unhappy with a tatty old lamp/lampshade that I have on the table, and I remembered seeing a magazine article and picture describing the following - so I am in the process of - having a go!!

Its a simple enough thing to do, just stick um on with PVA!

I will let you know how it turns out - its got to be prettier than the original tatty old shade!


Just thought I would share these with you, they are such a wonderful scarlet 'splash'! in the garden.
Makes a Girl happy just to see them!! - of course its raining now and spoiling them!

Remember the little Golly Tea towels? I made one up over the weekend. Isn't he a cheery little chap! So very easy to do, almost crafty instant gratification.

He is sat/stood next to my 'find' of the weekend, a little hand pleated/sewn cushion. Its made of a brushed nylon (I know it sounds awful - but truly its not!) in a kind of blend of pinks and reds - bit like that seaside rock you used to be able to get.

Lets hope the rain stops soon, and we can get back out in the garden!

Ta Ta for now!


  1. I love the pictures of your poppies. I seem to be developing one of my 'things' about poppies they are such a cheery flower.
    You look good in your hat too! Just the thing for the upcoming garden Fete/Party season.

  2. Your golly is adorable - can't wait to get some stuffing and do mine!

    Love the pleated cushion too

    April xx

  3. What a lovely hat missus, you look so glam, it's far too nice for gardening, more like a garden party hat!! get the bunting out for Twiggys visit - lol. The cushion cover is lovely and your lampshade is such a good idea, can't wait to see the finished item. Those poppies are gorgeous, I've got a big oriental poppy with 7 heads - still waiting for 6 to appear, but it's taken a battering over the last few days, the weather up here is foul. We're so high up we've been in low cloud for 2 days - it's like Brigadoon.
    Twiggy x

  4. Beautiful hat. I have an old denim bucket hat I wear in the garden with the children and when gardening. I definitely think I should be getting myself one like yours. Altogether more elegant!

    The lampshade idea is fab. Look forward to seeing it completed.

  5. I love buttons and I am gradually converting my students to loving them too. Lovely poppies, had some at my last house but sadly not at my present house. Golly came together brilliantly, I'm sure I had a couple of the badges that you could collect tokens for on jars of jam.

  6. Your hat looks too good to garden in. Love the poppies, used to have some in our garden but seemed to have disappered this year. I love that golly, he's so cute. I love buttons too, can't resist them when I go in the Charity shop, there so cheap and have so many uses.

  7. Vicky,
    Thank you so much for the lovely bag and things. I posted a picture of it all on my blog. I'm ready for Summer now.

    I love the hat you got.

  8. I did laugh when I saw the heading 'The hat has arrived!!!!' but the first picture to appear on my computer screen was the lampshade with the buttons on!! I love the button idea, I have a large lampshade but no idea what to do with it so I am going to wait and see how yours looks when it is finished, then I may have to copy you! ;)
    I love the hat and your determined expression as you take the picture! The hat suits you very well.
    The golly is fabulous, I only wish I'd got in quick enough and got one for myself :((( ;)
    The poppies look gorgeous!

  9. hello vicky. it was great to see you last weekend. thank you so much for having us. it was a lovely to meet you all, charlie cat, unkus(spelling?) and the hens. your cottage is a so beautiful and it was a shame we couldnt have stayed longer. no doubt we will visit you again though! dx.


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