Monday, 19 May 2008


Hope you all had a good weekend!
I just had to show you this!!*** such an exciting find!!**** and for just £1!
I had spotted the green metal soap dish (£1) and picked up thinking it kinda matched one that holds my 'Sunlight soap' on the kitchen window sill. The lady who's stall it was pointed out this WONDERFUL - tatty green painted shaving mirror, the mirror in tact and everything.!
I was so thrilled!!! -I know its so sad!
Anyway here it is on my kitchen window sill - for now! Just a bit creepy catching yourself in the mirror whilst washing up!
These are so pretty, I know you will appreciate them. They are Foil work pictures, and in such good condition - just flung in an oddments box! How they didn't get broken!

Pretty, pretty bonnet ed, crinoline-d young lady, picking flowers or fruit from a tree.

And pretty colourful parrots!
They are so pretty, but I just can't keep every thing so I have put them on Ebay, the rationing goes - if they don't sell they are JUST SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITH ME!
Now just a little peek at my Inspirational Summer Swap - don't look Cleary!!

Yes its green with summery flowers, that's all I am saying! Its finished so I will be sending it off - all the way to America soon!
See I haven't spent all my time in the garden - well it does go dark eventually!


I have been busy putting bits and pieces in my Etsy shop
The reasoning being that if I am to keep buying like a mad thing, I have to try and MAKE! some money! Otherwise the sums wont work out!
This is just a little Native American Fantasy Dream Brooch/Corsage.

And a little Faerie Glade Toadstool Brooch/Corsage.
The photos are not too good, I am going to have some instruction from Rich (son) with this fancy camera! Not sure it will do much good - me and technology don't mix too well!
Hope everyone Else's Etsy is picking up, all we can do is stick with it, and mention Etsy to all your friends - mine are tired of hearing of the wonderful world of Etsy!!
Ta Ta for now XX


  1. How come you always get the good stuff from the car boot? When I go I can never find anything worth buying (I must be looking in the wrong places). Hope Ebay and Esty work for you. I agree you have to keep telling everyone you meet about them to encourage people to have a look. I had never heard of Esty until I began reading blogs a couple of months ago.

  2. Well done on your finds. I especially love the crinoline lady and the shaving mirror.
    Will check out your etsy shop as you have such very nice taste!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog missus. Wow that mirror and the pics are gorgeous. My Etsy is sooooo slow at the moment, might have to add some incentives (staple a £5 to each item perhaps :) Your Etsy stuff is lovely and the bag you've made for the swap is terrific, lucky recipient. Received my swap today which is lovely, must do a Twiggy mammoth blog this week, lots to say as usual.
    Twiggy x


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