Thursday, 15 May 2008


I think its becoming a problem!!
There are such wonderful, inspiring things in the Etsy shops - I just want to buy them all!
Just look at this Hat - well its not just 'a hat' is it - its a marvelous summery feminine creation! and guess what - you can have one especially made for you - how cool is that!
I was simply looking - honest! for something 'simple' to keep the sun off me, I have decided to take a stand and not buy any cheap rubbish mass produced imports.
So Etsy is ideal - small home produced goods made with care. Anyway - saw this - fell in love! - Simple!
AND - its on its way - all the way from America - how exciting is that!
You simply must have a look at Anna's Blog and Etsy shop -
Etsy -
And such a lovely surprise today - a beautiful ring of vintage beads arrived (via Etsy) from Blissed Out. Its so gorgeous - I shall try and get a photo to show you - I haven't shown this to Hubby yet - does that mean I might - sub consciously have a bit of a guilty problem? After all its not that I NEED another ring - beautiful though it is!
SUMMER TIME IS HERE! its official -
I have put my light floaty summery curtains up!
The heavy green velvet curtains that have kept us warm all winter have been washed and put away, welcome to the sunshine!

The sunshine has brought out this little Welsh Poppy, surprisingly (to say we are in Wales ), I struggle to grow these, I just have this one little clump.
Our little cottage - disappearing behind the lush growth of the garden!
Richard (son) has been giving the cottage a freshen up with the paint, its looking Blue-er than ever - but very smart!

Just a couple of views up and down the little lane ( as you step out of our gate) -
as you can see its lovely and lush at the moment .

Don't look at the bin!

This is Hubby P's obsession - the love of his life! Yes - he's a Morris Man.
Its good fun rattling around the country lanes in her, although shes a bit poorly at the moment, she needs some jobs done, and a 'makeover' (paint job)

Ta Ta for now!


  1. What a lovely little cottage you live in, on Anglesey as well, I'm so envious. The photo of you windown reminds me of a pen drawing I did some years ago, I will have to go and find it.
    The morris van just completes the picture, perfect!

  2. My etsy obsession is becoming out of control as well. I bought some little dishes from the States the other week they arrived on Saturday and by Monday tea time I had ordered 20 more for the craft fairs I am attending.

    I love the view down you lane, if I looked out my gate you would just see Tarmac wagon and dustbin lorries going past, far too fast at that!

    I love you hubbo's MM, I can just imagine driving around the lanes in it!

    Have a good weekend!

    Vanessa x

  3. What a gorgeous little cottage.

    April xx

  4. Your cottage is gorgeous and I love the lane you live in.
    The hat is gorgeous!! Will you show us a pic of you wearing it when it arrives? :D
    I will post your PIF off on Monday, I've explained on my blog :D

  5. I just said gorgeous twice in that last comment, that must be my word of the day!!

  6. Your cottage is sooooo idyllic, you do know we're coming to live with you don't you ;) Etsy is sooooo addictive, I love the hat. Your hubbys little moggy minor is lovely, aren't they sweet?
    Twiggy x

  7.'s lovely where you live.
    My hubby had a Morris for a while.
    It was charming but it sounded like a tank!
    And years ago I had one (failed its MOT due to its sunshine floor. LOL !!!)

  8. I see by your lovely photo that summer has arrived on Angelsey too. Its only a couple of years since I moved from there so when I saw your blog I just had to come over for a visit!

  9. wow. i have seen alice's photos of your cottage. you live in such a beautiful house-well cottage and your garden and surroundings are so beautiful as well. i would love to paint the morris van but of course i would paint it full of illustrations!!! dx.

  10. I want your little cottage, it's so cute. Esty and ebay can become very addictive.

  11. Etsy makes my money disappear.
    We do live in the BEST place ever, don't we?


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