Monday, 12 May 2008


Well Hello!
I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather we are having in the UK.
Wonderful weather for the garden, my plants are shooting up before my very eyes, its all looking so lush and fresh.
This is a little photo of some Aquiligias (Grannies Bonnets) I only have ordinary cottage garden ones, a pink variety and a blue. Did anyone see the really fancy, special ones on Gardeners World? I think they were showing them at Malvern Show, they were so pretty and delicate, maybe I will have to treat myself!
Weekend treasures from the Car Boot Sale!
Two cards of rather pretty kind of mirrored vintage buttons, I will put these aside until a worthy project comes to mind.
The pretty glass cake stand was in a box marked Free Stuff! Well what could a girl do but have a good noisy in the box, and came up with the pretty object. Hubby P got some Free books, the seller said he has too much stuff and was urging people to take as many as they could carry. Thankfully he only chose three - we do have a somewhat large collect of books too!
I tell you for such a little house we cram so much in - bit like a Tardis!

I bought the little Willow Pattern creamer to go with my tea set. The tea set was my Mothers - we lost her 4 years ago, it still seems like yesterday.
She used the tea set daily, so I thought it would be nice to at least look at it daily, I have it on a little shelf in the kitchen. Maybe I will look for more Willow Pattern items - they are not too expensive, I could use them every day and not worry about breaking them.

Jolly little Golliwogs!
Not very PC these days, but they were so much a part of my childhood.
I found these on a stall where the lady was selling all sorts of sewing items. These are Tea towel size, and can be used as such, or they can be made into a jolly little cushion. The sewing instructions are printed around the edge of the 'tea towel'.
I couldn't resist, I thought they were so cute!
Mind you I did go over board as usual and buy all she had! I think I will offer some on Ebay - I can't use then all!
If you fancy one for the children or whatever (your inner child!), just let me know, I will put them on Ebay for £3 (but I could just post one to you with out the ebay fuss) - it would be nice to find nice homes that are going to make them into cuddly cushions!

Jolly smiley Golliwogs! I will make one up and post some pics, I've got to have one to keep Humpty Dumpty company on my bed. (when will we grow up!!!)

Say 'Hello' to Charlie.
He who hogs all the best seats - and we are daft enough to let him!!!
Ta Ta for now!


  1. Hi Vicky

    I would adore one of those gollys - I love gollys so much!!! Please let me take one of your hands!!

    Let me know

    April xx

  2. duh - I mean "off" your hands!!

    BTW, where does everyone find such great car boot sales - all the ones I go to are really disappointing - lots of broken plastic toys.

    Our house definitely Tardis-like as well!

    April xx

  3. blue willow - have a look on ebay Josie x

  4. Hi,
    I don't think I've commented on your blog before but I've been enjoying reading for a few of weeks.

    I'd love a couple of Golly towels please.

    My email is

  5. What excellent finds. I will let you into a little secret ( and everyone else). My Gran made my sister and I Golly toys when we were little and we loved them. They stayed at Gran's so that we had something to play with when we visited. Again, it was part of my very early childhood and as kids we loved them for what they were a toy/cloth doll.

  6. Oh My, Golly's. I remember these from when I was a child. You dont see them now, like you say not very P.C.. Do you have any left or have they all gone to new homes already?
    Sarah xx

  7. hello charlie. i used to have some golliwog badges that you could collect from the jam tokens. you have an eye for spotting beautiful finds at car boot sales. dx

  8. Looks like you got a great haul. Cute kitty cat too!

  9. Bah guess I'm too late for the golly towels!! Never mind. My Grandma used to collect the golly labels off marmalade she had tons! My Mum has the golly ornaments as well.
    I'm like april, although I never get to any boot sales really. Hopefully there will be more now it is warmer!

  10. Hello, I have really enjoyed your blog. Your little Welsh cottage is lovely. I have a little Irish cottage and my crockery is willow paattern too! Love It!...Pam


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