Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Here we are again! It seems ages since I last 'Posted', its all been a hectic round of family doings over the Bank Holiday.
We had Family to visit - if 'visit' is the right word - after all family is family, and home is home, family is inseparable from home - if you know what I mean. You don't 'visit' your own home - anyway it was nice to see them and we all squashed in our little cottage, a bit sardine-ish, but we had fun!
We did all the Tourist-y things, the weather was great, we had a nice leisurely time.
This is the obligatory photo of us - Mr & Mrs Allsorts! Me grimacing behind the darkest sunglasses I could find (I had a nagging Migraine) - Gosh! I thought when I saw this, I look just like my Grandmother - how time creeps up on you!
This is where we were heading, we went for a walk to a little ancient church underneath the Menai Suspension Bridge.

We even found a little magical stone circle, Anglesey is full of these sorts of things, it was the last refuge of the Druids - lots of Spiritual Places, and we still have a living breathing Druid culture on
the island.

A little trip into Beaumaris later, in search of Tea and Cakes!
Such a pretty little town, I love the candy coloured row of houses as you enter the town.

And of course! no trip would be complete without visiting the Traditional Sweetie Shop!
I am too embarrassed to tell you how much I spent on sweets!

Lots and Lots of Carboot Sales on over the weekend. Lots of goodies for the buying. I thought I would show you one or two additions to my sewing area - so exciting!

Hubby P bought me this for my Birthday (its a few weeks off yet, but I so fell in love with this!).
Its a lovely old little chest we think probably 1940/50s - specially made to hold ( and Yes it is FULL!) sewing notions - lots and lots of old cottons, needles of every kind, buttons, beeswax,tracing wheels, all manner of goodies!

And this - well - this is an old cashiers draw, the sort that use to be fixed under a shop counter.
I just loved it, it even has little areas worn away where fingers have scrabbled for money over the years.
The felt bottoms of the compartments had been worn away, so I replaced it with some pretty, colourful felt!

I shall use it as a little tray, to hold all my sewing bits and pieces.

Just a few pics of the garden - I couldn't resist this fresh pretty delicate green of this Horse Chestnut tree, my son Will planted the seed a couple of years ago - so its known as Wills tree!

I have a thing about trees too - lots of little baby trees in pots, I just need someone to leave me some land in their Will, and I can plant my own woodland!

Another of my babies - a little Oak tree just bursting into leaf, this was again grown from an Acorn.
At one time Anglesey was covered in great Forest's of Oak - it was the tree of the Druids, a magical, special tree!

Just an update on the salad window boxes - the seed are up already! It wont be long until we can pick and eat.

Lots more exciting news - I have won Jennies ( Falling Down the Rabbit Hole) PIF, I cant believe my luck, and I am partnered with a nice lady in USA for the Summer Inspirational Swap - but more of all that later!!!
Ta Ta for now xxx


  1. Lots of interesting info..I loved reading all of it!
    The sewing chest is great too!

  2. Wow some lovely stuff there, I love your sewing stuff and pics of your salad boxes. I can't wait to visit Anglesey, it's soooo fabby. I love the Menai Bridge only thing I've ever done there though is stay at the Travelodge on the way home from the Holyhead ferry - lol.
    glad you had fun with your visitors, nice to see a pic of you too, I look like erm... Nicole Kidman - haha well, my hair's a similar colour !!
    Twiggy x

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend! I have to be honest when I go in the sweety shop up in Keswick I spend probably 3 times my pocket money I used to get (£2.50).

    I love the set of drawers very useful!

  4. the sewing chest looks lovely and its nice to see a pic of you and hubby, nice to 'meet' you at last! Me and hubby loves Wales, its where we went on honeymoon, Josie x

  5. What great finds! Especially the sewing box. Did your Etsy parcel arrive ok?

  6. Sounds like you had a good time. I love all the neat stuff you got. Been working on your surprise. I love reading your blog. have a great week.

  7. I found my way here through indigo blue's website and I'm so glad I did ~ your blog is gorgeous! Anglesey looks beautiful and your garden is a delight. =]

  8. Hey lady
    check out my blog, I've tagged you
    twiggy xx

  9. I love everything you got! And the pics are wonderful.
    I can't believe the salad has grown so much already!


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