Monday, 13 April 2015

Just A Little Busy With Work ... Hey Ho'

Hello there ...
Hope you are all well .. its been a while since my last post ..
I've just been a bit busy with work ..
Hope you all had a nice Easter .

As I say ..its been all work .. work .. and more work ..
so I am afraid all I have to show you are work pic's today.

We've had a day of sorting stock ready for trading this week ... and sorting through all the odd boxes that get stored away (for another day) and then get promptly forgotten about.

 We changed all the stock about and freshened things up ... 
here we have a nice little collection of boxes and baskets .. everyone loves a nice box to keep their treasures safe.

 I managed to persuade Hubby P to pull all the boxes of books out from under the tables and sort through them ..
 its so hard not to stand there reading them .. 
a good way to lose time ..
anyway they are out and easily 'pick upable' if you know what I mean .. 
I think everyone love a nice book..

This is an interesting lot .. 
I have just unpacked it from a rather tatty and grubby box .. 
from someones loft I think.
It is a whole heap of unused photograph mounts .. 
you know the kind that were used to hold wedding photographs ..
 lovely card .. 
they look and feel .. 'if you know what I mean'  ... so pretty..

Look at this one with the pretty embossed windmill ..
I don't know what they could be used for ..
 other than vintage-y style photo's of course ..
but someone will have an idea ..
lots of lovely card for crafty projects.
There is also a fab 1950/60's .. unused wedding photo album .. 
ideal for someone having a vintage style wedding.

I know I am always saying it .. but it is truly amazing what turns up.

This doesn't look very sexy .. 
a load of tatty old leather.. harnesses and whatnot.
But we are always asked for this kind of thing .. people have all sorts of projects going on.
We have a number of re-enactment groups locally .. Napoleonic Hussars .. Sailors .. Pirates .. Native Americans and the odd Knight in Shining Armour .. 
So original .. used .. worn and aged leather is much sort after.
Hubby found us a goodly bag full.

And for the gardeners .. a few chimney pots ..
these always look good planted up.
Just always a bit heavy and clunky to move around.

Anyway .. that's all for now folks ... 
I'm off to have my tea.
Sorry its a bit short and sweet .. 
hopefully I can get some nice pic's of the garden soon .. 
its coming along nicely with this sunshine.

Take care ... bye for now x


  1. What a wonderful array of treasures, I love books and we bought my daughter the 'Peace and Prosperity' book in your photo down our way. She loves it because the photos are mostly large pictures. I would love to find a chimney or two,they look so pretty planted up.Hope you have lots of peace and prosperity this week! x

    1. Its good to hear your daughter has an interest in books... 'catch um young'.. ha ha! and yes the chimney pots do look nice planted up .. I have one as bird bath/drinker on top .. only yesterday I was watching Mrs Blackbird taking a bath.

      Vicky x

  2. Lovely stuff there, I would love to come and rummage through it. Perhaps when the weather is set to fair I will see about a couple of days away "up north".

    1. Be nice to see you 'up north'. Lots to see and do on our little island.

      Vicky x

  3. I do wish I was closer. There are some wonderful items there. However, on second thoughts it may be just as well I am 12,000 miles away as I hve more than enough "stuff" already. Do you have this set up in an actual shop - I thought you traded at boot sales.

    1. We do trade at boot sales but we have a 'base' at a permanent boot/market (Tues & Thursdays) .. we have two large shipping containers that are set up a bit like little shops .. we fill the van up from these and go out to do other boot sales on other days.
      If that makes sense.
      I think it might be a bit too far for a day visit!

      Vicky x

  4. I wish I were there, I would love to wander, read and look at your offerings!
    I do so enjoy your posts!

  5. Good luck and great to hear you are busy. Keeps the wolf from the door and all that!

  6. All your posts are very interesting. I love the way you have arranged the items. Lots of pretty things.

  7. Nearly missed this post for some reason , I absolutely love the chimneys , we might be going to north Wales later on this yaer , what car boot are you based at , Like pam said if we do it would be nice to come and say hello xxx

    1. Yes it would be nice to say Hello. We are at Valley C boot Tuesday and Thursday (mornings .. finishes about 1pm) and Mona C Boot on Sundays (again early start till about 1-2pm) both on Anglesey... and all year round unlike most car boots. We can go undercover which helps in bad weather.
      Chimneys are nice .. we have a customer who keeps on buying and has a garden jam packed with them .. looks good.

      Vicky x

  8. Some very interesting goodies there, glad you are busy and keeping out of mischief.
    Love from us 3 xxx

  9. Exciting lot of potential there! I had some vintage albums and didn't know what to do with them. Suppose I should have sold them but gave them away to an artist who was doing something or the other with vintage albums.


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