Monday, 27 April 2015

Blousey.. Fading Matrons .. and A Pretty New Little Girl...

 Hello there .. hope all is well with you.

Spring is into its stride now .. pushing toward summer 
.. and we've had some nice sunshiny days.

The strong bright red tulips have turned into blousey matrons .. 
fading their way away into summer ... 
the garden has come alive and is rioting away ..
fresh and green .. 
with that wonderful smell .. umm...

 Its so nice to see a bit of colour and watch the busy bees.

Its the first time I've planted Wallflowers .. are they perennial? .. do I just leave them where they are?
They have done very well ..
 and were/are such a nice burst of colour.
Cheered a Girl up no end...!

Hubby P .. well he's up to his usual tricks .. 
buying big heavy stuff ..
Now he's crawling around with a bad back.

Do you like his Victorian barrow?

It was used in the cattle holding pens near the docks in Holyhead. 
The cattle were held/housed there whilst waiting to be loaded onto ships for Ireland .. the barrow was used to cart straw and feed for the animals.

But of course its big bulky .. and heavy to lift in and out of the van.

Me .. well .. I've been listing a few bits on eBay.

Hubby P was laughing at me because when I get a sale or two I say ' well .. that will pay the Council Tax .. or Tesco .. or BT .. or whatever!
Is a woman thing do you think .. to earmark certain funds for certain bills?

To me money is just a way to move forward .. an exchange for goods .. I don't really get a lot out of hoarding the stuff .. money for the sake of money.

And sorting buttons ... do you like my high tech button sorting equipment..!

 A Girl can never have enough buttons ..
this lot will keep my sewing girls happy for a while.

 Now this little Girl showed up in a dusty old box in the back of Hubby P's van ... 
goodness knows where from.
She has lost her frame and any any indication of who she might be along the way 
... poor little orphan!
These little lost souls rarely find new homes .. 
so they come to live with us..

I wonder who she is ...
what's her story..?
Clearly she was much loved .. someone has lovingly painted her likeness ...
and she looks happy.

I call her Iris ... I think its the blue in her dress .. 
do you think she looks like an Iris.?

Anyway enough of me ..I'm off to fill hotwaterbottles and tend to Hubby P..!

Bye for now x


  1. Wallflowers are perennial but are usually treated as biennial which means they start growing the first year and flower the next. If you keep them in the ground they will grow again but will become more and more leggy.

  2. Thanks Mum .. so what do you suggest .. collect seed and grow some in pots to plant out?

  3. Some wallflowers are more perennial than others! ( not a lot of help really) ,but like Mum said they are more often used as biennials. What a pretty little painting you have found it would be lovely to know the story behind it and I love the barrow it would look nicer than our stall out the front, I wonder who will buy it and what they will do with it.
    I'm now going to see what you have for sale on eBay

    1. Popped back to say where on earth did you find the hair?

    2. Ooo yes .. the hair! I had a whole box of it from an attic clearance .. originally a wig makers stuff I think .. it was wrapped in 1960's newspaper so it had been stashed for a good while. I put it on ebay because .. well to be honest I didn't know what to do with it. Sells to doll makers .. I believe.
      Strange job sometimes..

  4. I love wallflowers and old fashion garden favourites like sweet williams. I do a bit on Ebay as a private seller, getting rid of stuff, like you say goes towards bills.

  5. I have wallflowers coming on for next years flowers, they smell wonderful. I am eating something from the garden every day now, only salad and herbs but the taste is so good. There will be strawberries soon mmmmmmmmmm.

  6. I would have kept that little painting too. If you're anything like me, you feel sorry for things . . . I think in my case I "pick up" on the previous owner sometimes, and know that they cherished it, and so . . .

    Wallflowers are lovely - quite often you find them growing on old castle walls and they grow and grow year after year. I think they like the struggle - or the lime in the walls where they are growing.

    Those naily things at the bottom of your box - were they for dragging flax or even nettles across to get the fibres? Or fleece on the many-nailed one?

  7. you have a lovely assortment of flowers in your garden. Love Iris, I agree she seems very happy.

  8. Isn't it great to see colour at last, although we have snow at the moment, less said about that the better. I do like your button sorting containers, verra clever :) I always think it's sad when I am having a wander around antique sales and car boots to see boxes of family photographs, lost, forgotten, not wanted.

  9. The victorian barrow is amazing, and the little girl is very appealing. I can't believe people don't buy pieces like that. Perhaps you could try assorted images on Ebay? I've seen shops selling pictures from books and all sorts.
    I do tend to think of money in the same way as you. I think mine comes from years of thrift- so you know that it comes in with one hand and out the other!

  10. Your flowers are so pretty. I love the Victorian barrow. I've never heard of a Victorian barrow before.

  11. My lovely mum is an Iris and it's my middle name too! Good choice!

  12. I love the painting of 'Iris', a very suitable name for her :-)


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