Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Gosh .. Awful Rainy Day .. It Must Be January ..

Hello there ....

Gosh its wet out there ...

This is where I have spent the day ... in my little work corner ... looking out at the never ending rain...

Just don't look at the grimy windows .. and I've just noticed a cobweb or two ...
well .. I don't have any pretentious ideas of a Country Living house ...
I'm afraid you get it as it comes here .. all in the rough .. all very real... ha ha!

So this is what I have been doing.. bit of eBay .... trying to earn a few pennies ..
I think we are all finding it a bit of a pinch at this time of the year...
The days seem long dark and often dismal .. and the bills start falling on the mat.

But its no good going into a decline ... there are always ways of making a few extra pennies.. or trading for goods my time I have done allsorts to swell the coffers ..
Little jobs like ironing for people.. baking/making meals sewing/repairs walking..gardening ... even milking goats..
And of course there are lots of on line sale sites nowadays ... but in the old days cards in shop windows were a good way of moving on your outgrown prams, clothes etc .. or newspapers for sale ads.
I had a spell making up Christmas cards .. and sewing slippers as an outworker/homeworker for factories..
hard work but I could do it when the children were in bed and it helped bring in some extra money.

So eBay it was today .. no real hardship .. it was warm and dry .. and I had some music to sing along to. 

What did I list?
well a few vintage-y bits .. and some useful everyday things.

 Thought you might like to see the vintage-y bits and bobs .. 
of course there are more on the eBay site .. too much to put on here
(there is an eBay link on my side bar just below the pic of me ( if you fancy a look).

These are from a bag full of 1930's millinery flowers we found last summer .. I had kept them for me ... to do 'something' with ... they are so pretty.
But I have to be realistic .. they are just sat in a box collecting dust .. so off they go ..

 These were found just last week .. so very pretty .. the colours don't show up too well on the photos .. 
but they are truly lovely ... feather corsage type trimming-y things.
They are made up of layers of different feathers which are wired together ... I think they were used to brighten up the hat bands of Trilby's and whatnot.
They could be used for allsorts of crafty things .. or just nice to display ..
of course I want to KEEP EVERYTHING ...! 
  (but Hubby P ... well .. 'feels' that's not being 'Grown up' ... and we do need money to buy.. stuff!)

Today I pulled this piece of fabric out of a case  .. 
I thought it might sell .. quite retro looking ... well it is vintage .. the real thing .. I think I reclaimed it from some curtains.
I've had enough eBay for today .. I will list it tomorrow .. and find some more likely items ...
Onwards and Upwards as they say.

So what have you been doing ... any good Thrifty money making tips?

Bye for now x


  1. I need to get cracking with me ebay listings too, as all sorts of bits and bobs we don't need in exchange for money which never goes amiss. . . However, today I was not feeling my best and so I rested up by the fire with a good book and a few cats. Off to check out your ebay goodies now . . .

  2. I've sorted some things out to sell, but really don't know where to start ! I should ask one of my daughters to get me started on ebay. There used to be lots of table top sales around here in January, but I haven't seen one advertised in ages.
    That curtain material takes me back!
    Happy New Year

  3. Its cold and snowy here, I love the feathers!!! I have always enjoyed painting feathers and these are some beauties. I'm turning an old sheet into a roman shade for our bedroom, I'm lining it with an old throw, to make in more insulated, our bedroom in this apartment is an icebox! Made some ham and bean soup with the bone from our Christmas ham and finished making marmalade with the last of the Christmas oranges, thats all the thrifty bits for me today,

  4. This has been the wettest and yuckiest week for ages.

    You really do have to be in the mood for listing on eBay don't you and I guess the weather outside is a good incentive to stay warm and cosy indoors and just get on with it. I hope you get some good sales.

  5. Do you have much success on ebay? I have loads of things I would love to sell. I would love to come up with money making ideas. I had thought about a "shop" but wonder how successful that would be. Anyway good luck with yours, I am still thinking of ideas

  6. You remined me of when I lived on Anglesey and made a little pin money (litteraly) making patchwork pincushions that a friend sold for me on her stall in Llangefni market. One day I went home to my Mum further down the coast and she gave me a gift that her friend had purchased on a day trip to Anglesey - Yes you quessed it one of my own pincushions! Yes I was back on the stall the week after!


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