Thursday, 18 December 2014

George .. Dresser And Cristmas Wreath Thriftiness..

 Hello there ...
Well.. yes .. a very busy day here today.

But first of all .. thank you for all the nice comments about George .. I will pass them on to him.

He is indeed a light Sussex .. he was raised .. from an egg ... by my Aunt who lives over the hill ..
There were a few cockerels in the batch .. and of course they needed re homing ... 
more than one in a run and they fight like crazy.
When she first asked if we could take one I said unfortunately .. No .. we had our dear old Rocky ..

Ancient as he was .. he still saw himself as a gladiator .. and there would have been trouble.

Sadly we lost Rocky .. as age takes us all .. he just faded away.

George was still looking for a home so we offered to take him.
He is quite at home and romancing the Girls ... who knows what spring may bring!

The weather today was awful .. so Hubby P decided to work at home rather than try and trade ...
He has so much to do ... there is always so much to do..

 More bits of the rustic pine dresser .. ready to be fitted..

 A glittery Hubby P trying the doors for size ...
He's not always just so shiny .. the flash on the camera caught the fluorescent strips on his 'allovers'....!

Dresser is coming on nicely ... I have found some nice rustic .. make do and mend-y type handles for the doors ... 
 Hubby P made them from spoons years ago.

I do love a handmade thrifty thing!

Speaking of which ... I found this in a box of house clearance stuff.

 Quite pretty in itself ... but I thought it would look quite nice as a wreath ... 
with a bit of greenery around it.
I had a foray into the wet garden and pulled a handful of branches from the manky looking leylandi tree in the hedge .. 
and a couple of sprigs of Ivy from off the wall ...
 nothing fancy at all ...its all I could find really.

 I fastened them around the pine cone 'wreath' with sewing cotton and a needle ... and yes ..
 you guessed it .. because it twas all I could find.

A few bits of bright ribbon added a burst of colour ... 
and I thought .. well that will do.

After all its just going outside to brighten up the doorway .. 
it will get blown about by the wind.. and rained on ...
 it will be fine.

A fine Thrifty Thing .. twill do us nicely ..!

Take care .. Bye for now x


  1. And a very nice thrifty thing is your wreath! xx

  2. I like simple and "use what you have", it was blowing and raining all day here yesterday as well. All the little creatures will have been moved from the ivy and evergreens so today I will be hovering some greenery for a wreath. Just a simple thing using what is growing close, I do have a little bit of holly, and there were some berries on it last time that I looked, otherwise I may resort to a glue stick and some cranberries. The dresser is coming on a treat, they are such cavernous beasts, I miss mine.

  3. I do like your little wreath, I was watching a program on tv the other day and they were including rosemary in wreaths for greenery I liked that idea
    Holly we have a lot of but not many berries, I still have my wreath to put together may get it done today.

  4. I've never seen a pine cone circle like that wonder how old it is and How are the fixed together or are they stuck onto something? So many questions! It looks good now and the red bows really cheer things up.

  5. What a pretty wee thing, and so thrifty AND vintage in one go! I am waiting until Eldest Daughter arrives home tomorrow, as it is one of our Christmas traditions to go along by the river bank to collect the "ingredients" for our wreath and make it together, but I had better get the Willow base cut and made today or she will tell me off!!

    Your Christmas present dresser is certainly not a Secret Santa pressy but it will be LOVELY. Well done clever Hubby!

  6. That is pretty! It is quite nice to make things of pine cones yourself because it's possible to get such an attractive effect and really Mother Nature has done most of the work! Happy Christmas!

  7. Your wreath looks lovely. Simple, rustic and very festive with its touches of red. I really must go into our woods and find something to make us a wreath for the door. It really needs it, and now the building work is almost over at least it won't get full of cement dust.

  8. Your wreath looks lovely and cheerful, well done. Thrifty is really fun once one gets in to it. If l step off "the path" it doesn't feel nice atall and l could kick myself. The rustic dresser looks great. Wish you both a lovely weekend, Pam x

  9. Love the wreath , I use an almost real looking one that i bought from a jumble sale for 50p so i think it has paid for itself now , Its amazing what you do with such few frugal items , merry Christmas and a prosperous new yaer xxx

  10. Your fine thrifty thing looks wonderful and the dresser's coming on a treat.

  11. Love your wreath, it just my kinda thing and ticks all the boxes, make do, rustic, handcrafted, natural and best of all thrifty.

    Hubby is making great progress with the dresser, looking at the thickness of the wood thats going to last forever...... Perfect! xx


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