Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Well .. Happy Christmas! ..What More Could A Girl Ask For ...!

 Hello there .....
I hope you are getting some sunshine to brighten your days.

We've had a couple of splendid days ... a bit cool ..
 it is November ... 
but bright and sunshiny ...

The garden is still looking happy ....
 lots of interesting greens about ...
 it always amazes me how many shades of green there are .. 
all lovely and 'restful' in their own way.

 Already there are signs of a promising spring ...

 The plants are busily building up their reserves to see them through the winter and preparing to dazzle us once again with their wonderful foliage and flowers

 Just look at this big fat leaf bud on Will's Horse chestnut tree .... I thgink they are so lovely.

Monday was a day of great excitement .... I went to choose my Christmas present ... and just look....
a heap of wood ..!
As Hubby P said ...'he knows how to treat a girl !'

We jollied off in our van to the local scaffolding company's yard ... usually all locked up ... 
but there was a little man in a hard hat there to meet us.
The yard usually has a number of old .. 
deemed unsafe for use ... scaffold boards for sale ... 
good old wood .. 
that 'comes up lovely' after the Hubby P treatment.

This is a quick pic of the table he made me ... 
from scaffold boards ... you can see the nice grain in it ...
 please excuse the crumbs and dust ...
they'd never have me in Country Living Magazine!

Anyway my Christmas present is to be a Dresser to kinda match the table ...
 he's made a start today ... 
I'm being very good and 'Not Helping' ... with 'Helpful Advice'
 ... but I have made lots of cups of tea.
More pic's as we progress... that's if you would like to see  'building in progress' ?

Short and sweet today folks .... bye for now x


  1. Eeeeeee he's proper handy your fella. Smashing idea , the weather up here has been rain and hill fog all day. A day to stay cosy indoors.
    Twiggy xxx

  2. But of course we do. Curiosity and all that. My OH is very good with wood too, and has made some nice things down the years.

  3. I love old wood!
    Love that table too!
    Hope to see the dresser when it is finished!
    You must be on the nice list for sure, what a good gal you are!
    Blessings! I love visiting you here.
    No green around the garden for me right now, but spring will come again!

  4. Thats the best sort of present free and made with love x

  5. Luck you! Always wanted a dresser but from recycled wood that has to be the best.

  6. Love the table... crumbs and all.. what's a table for?! We like to make each other presents, but I've been stuck for what to make him this year.
    Still some green here too, despite the fog and drizzle.

  7. I would love to see the progress of the dresser. My DH 'did up' my dresser base and made me a dresser top from discarded wood so it's extra special.

  8. Not much better than old wood..I love the smell!
    My husband is enclosing our screened porch with windows..I am design team and just make decisions on window height and location....someone has to do it!
    Snow here (northeastern US) is wet and not that high, but getting colder today..Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. If I had a big kitchen it would have a huge wooden table and a are so lucky to have both made just for you :-)
    Its bitter cold, wet and misty here, the heatungs on and the soup pan full :-)

  10. How wonderful! Love your table and I'm sure the dresser will be fabulous :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H


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