Thursday, 27 November 2014

Feeding All Of Us .. Thriftily....

Hello there ...
There is definitely a nip in the air now ...
 I think we can say winter is well and truly here ..

Time to wrap up ... keep warm .. and eat well ..

Eating well doesn't necessarily mean spending a fortune on expensive foods ... 
we just have to give it a bit of forethought and ..
'rock the Thriftiness ... '

Hubby P spent this morning selling at the car boot ... 
I knew he would come home cold and hungry so whats more comforting than a heap of warm scones with lashings of butter...!

Scones are cheap and so easy to make  .... 

Whilst I was in the kitchen I prepared the veg for tea .. 
I gave the carrots and potatoes a quick wash before I peeled them  .... 
it may seem a bit daft ...
 but you see I wanted to boil them up for the chickens dinner ..
 and ... 
save the veg water for my soups.

Nothing wasted if I can help it ..

 So here is a nice jug full of veg-y water/stock ..
 and whilst it was still hot I added a big handful of broth mix .... you know dried pearl barley lentils peas etc.
The broth mix will get a head start softening/cooking and all will be ready .. sat in the fridge to use for soup.

Chickens were happy with their warm veg-y mash ....

 And I picked up two lovely fresh eggs ...

 Oh .... 
and we had cheese scones ...
 another of Hubby P's favourite.
The trick is to add a teaspoon of mustard to the mix .. 
that way you only have to add a smattering of cheese ..
 I used just the hard end of a block of cheese .. grated up and mixed in it was fine.

And for something different and random ...
 who remembers these ?

 I found them in an old button tin the other day ...

They date from 1937 ... all that time ago ... I wonder how long it has sat in that button box.
Anyone know what the flower depicted on the front is .. 
what it represents ?

 Of course we are talking George VI on the throne ... a handsome profile dont'ya think..!

What I will do with these thrupenny bits I don't know .. 
they are just ...nice to handle .. nice to hold.

As I stepped out the door today ...
The air was fresh .. crisp .. and the sky blue.
The sun low in the sky but shining brightly ... a nice day!

Bye of now x


  1. Considering your blog title post, the flower is indeed perfectly named - being Thrift (as in Sea Thrift).

    The scones look good. I made a cheese scone ring just like that on Tuesday, like you using a tsp of mustard powder for additional flavour. (I wonder, do we have the same cookery book?!) We ate it still warm from the oven . . .

  2. You keep your thrupenny bits well covered in this cold weather missus ;) Scones look lovely
    Twiggy xx

  3. Oh dear. The comments about the thrupenny bits really tickled us. Those cheese scones look delicious. Tempted to have a go myself but Brian doesn't like anything with cooked cheese!!!

  4. Cheese scones, yum, I sometimes finely chop an onion and sweat it off and add it to the mix. A rasher or 2 of bacon given the same treatment is good stirred in as well, a little goes a long way and they are lovely dipped in hot soup. I roll the dough out and cut it into fingers, means you can do a lot of dipping per scone.

  5. I loved your post!
    Thrifty, indeed!
    Having never seen a three pence, on this side of the water,
    I loved those esp.!
    Perhaps someone's savings tucked away for a rainy day?

  6. I remember trupenny bits - they felt and handled like proper coinage - I can remember buying a bag of chips for thrupence after a Saturday morning swim at the local baths (about 50 years ago!) Xx

  7. Your cheese scones make my mouth water. Must make some soon. You're right about scones being fast and easy to make too!

  8. Love cheese scones, warm with butter on! A lot of thrifty eating going on here before christmas to make ends meet up. Baked potatoes today. They are great because you can combine them with whatever is left over in the fridge vegetable drawer :). Woke up to a white world here, very pretty. Wish you both a lovely weekend and lots of sunshine. Pam x

  9. Your baking looks amazing! Making me hungry ... From one thrifty person to another, it's definitely Thrift! A plant that thrives in extremely inhospitable places! xxx

  10. Your cheese scones have made me feel so hungry!
    The plant on the threepenny bit was a thrift plant - coincidence eh? ;) I don't know why it was chosen though.
    Rose H


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