Monday, 10 November 2014

Shouldn't Everyone Have a Wheelbarrowfull Of Old Cabbages By the Gate..?

Do you like my cabbages ?
 (well .. it calls them Kale on the label) ...
I do hope someone likes them ....
 there was a distinctly lukewarm response from Hubby P..

I asked him to carry the delightful .. 
itsy bitsy little wheelbarrow  ..
 and its pretty cargo to the gate ... 
well... where the new gate will be ... 
once he gets time to build the gate posts and fix the gate.. 

His response was ...

 'well .. of course... doesn't everybody have a wheelbarrowful of old cabbages by the gate .. to welcome guests' .... 

rather uncalled for I should think ... people might  like cabbages!

It will give a dash of colour through the winter ...
 I bought the cyclamen too .. in the header pic ...
 cheap and cheerful from a chap standing the carboot sale.

So .. what else ...

We've done a bit more to the conservatory .... 
well that's a posh word for it ....
 its really a big wooden porch .. but we spend a lot of time in there .. so we make it as homely as we can.

These lovely old crates we brought back from a trip to Gloucestershire .. they sold well ..
 but I nabbed a few for the house ... 
Hubby P waxed and polished them and I just love the homely rustic look.
I'm still playing around with bits and bobs ... you know .. how you do .. cant decide what to put where.

Mostly I think they will hold some of my enamelware.

I've had this huge block of oak for some time ....
it sat outside the door .. just looking ..
 well .. sturdy and ...handsome ..? 
.. as only a big chunky block can.

Hubby P brought it home one day .. from a clearance .... the block had once been a part of Bangor pier ...
its full of interesting holes and knocks ...
and seaside-y smells ....
what a life!

Now we have the wood-y theme going on in the conservatory Hubby P thought it would look good cleaned up a bit ...
and it does ..
 or at least I think it does ..
its a bit like a chunky handsome coffee table-y thing.
Hubby P has sanded it a little and given it a wax and polish to bring out its colours ..

... and it looks just grand.

He did find a little time to do some real work ... 
here he is fixing some chairs for a client ... 
the lady wants to recover them .. the joints were a little loose and whatnot so he has sorted them out.

And for his next job .. do you like this lovely old bag ...
found abandoned in an old shed ... 
it needs a good clean .. wax and polish ... 

Should come up just lovely..

I'm supposed to be dealing with this .. rather than sat here talking to you!

Bought it at the weekend .. a nice old case of white linen .. 
it needs sorting and washing ..
 lots of nice treasures here.

I have done some work ... here's some vintage bits ready to go..

And how about this find .. 
a fabulous funky 60's cape .. with ultra shiny buttons!
Look great teamed with those wetlook white pvc kneehigh boots .. do you remember ...?

Anyway .. enough .. must go and do some work..

Bye for now x


  1. I love your words of the wooden block. Seaside smells. Awesome. Can you just imagine it's history. Also, I agree with you about the cabbages. Eye candy for sure!

  2. Lovely post Vicky, I think the cabbages are cute. Lots of love from us 3 xxx

  3. What lovely finds. I especially like that wooden block that was once part of a pier. Such a history to it. The crates look good too.

    You've got some real goodies from recent house clearances - that red cape took me back! Love the basket of cyclamen (clever idea) - as for your cabbages - they look really pretty like that, but my pet hate is when they are included in a bunch of flowers in lieu of, say, roses.

  4. Yes i remember wearing the knee high white wet look boots with a mini skirt and a maxi cardigan - late 60's early 70's I think - love that piece of oak too xxx

  5. Well I think the cabbages look a little quirky and very pretty and definitely should be placed near the gate :-)

    Oh gosh, I remember my wet look boots, worn with purple hot pants and a white lacy top with a coloured bra underneath. My favourite was a purple midi dress with a matching choker, that dress looked great with my black wet look boots:-)

    Lovely vintage linen, beautiful and elegant not like the horrid polyester we have these days. Xx

  6. Oh Lordy, I had those kinky boots in every colour they came in, matching hot pants, polo necked sleeveless ribbed top and a floppy hat. I thought I was the bees knees. Mind you I was half the person I am today. I like the cabbages, makes a change from winter pansies and heathers.

  7. Hubby would raise his eyebrows over here... those cabbages/kales are used as plant arrangements in gardens and window boxes.

  8. What a collection of things, I would happily give house room to them all, I love the bag and the cabbages best of all :-)

  9. Loving the kaly cabbages, just my colours! xxx

  10. I like the idea with the cabbages, pretty colours, I love cyclamen I have one indoors, the oak block is great as a little table, please keep blogging I love reading it, x

  11. Love the cabbages! And the cape .......


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