Monday, 27 October 2014

Make Do and Mend On A Dreary Day ..

Hello there .....
bit of a damp dreary day here ... and its so dark .. 
I'm missing the sunshine already!

Do you like the pine box in the pic above ....
 its one of Hubby P's restoration projects... 
out for sale this week. 
We sell a lot of chests/boxes like this .. they are popular .. good looking storage solutions!

Well .. what to do on a dreary day ..
 there is always 'work' .. and 'more work' ..
 but that gets a bit tiresome ... 
I need to pick up a needle and thread ... you know what I mean...?

So ... first to feed the chickens ... the Girls look forward to their breakfast. 
They always have layers pellets to browse ..
but they are a bit a boring .. or so they tell me ....
 a girl need a little something tasty to temp her into laying nice wholesome eggs.

Today's offering .. an old loaf of bread ..
 a gift from the neighbours .. 
not that exciting really but a change for them and the wild birds can have a bit too.
And as always a nice jug of fresh water.

Richard collected some oyster shells from the beach ... I give them a good wash then bash them up and mix them into the chicken feed.
 It helps give them grit and allsorts of nice minerals ..
 you can of course buy this at the feed place ..
but how free and organic is this.

They are looking well and happy at the moment.

Just as I used the last of the bucket of apples .. and I was thinking 'well if I want an apple crumble I shall have to buy some apples' .. heaven forbid!
A friend turned up with a bag of windfalls ... how nice is that.
I gladly refilled my bucket. 
They look like a kind of Russet apple ...
 I feel a crumble coming on.

As for the Needle and Thread urge ...

Hubby P brought home a box of these hangers .. 
thinking they would be useful .. us selling a lot of vintage clothes and what not. 
And they are .. but some were a bit .. well ... kinda grubby ..
 not a good look when selling nice clothes. 

So I put them aside to recover at some time.

This week I bought a bag of vintage scarves ...
 nice pretty wool ones ..
 unfortunately a couple had been nibbled by moths ...
 rather than throw them away ... such lovely fabric...

I used them to cover the padded hangers.

... and finished them off with a pretty little button or two

They may not be perfect .. a bit homemade-y looking ...
 but they are useful .. clean and ...
made from materials that would otherwise be thrown in the bin.

And they have got to be better than plastic hangers .... 
plastic hangers to sell vintage clothes .. 
it just doesn't look right.

Anyway .. enough ...
 off now to scrabble in the back of the van .. 
to take a look at what Hubby P has brought home today .. Edwardian chairs and a Gothic bedstead amongst other things ...

Bye for now x


  1. your hangers look beautiul! You really go the extra mile supplying lovely hangers to hang the clothes on, and it would look so much better than wire hangers. Those chickens are very lucky to have you caring for them, makes one feel bad for those poor factory chickens, the wooden box is beautiful and I can see them selling quickly, such abeautiul job. That bucket of apples is the beginning of some thing yummy for sure!

  2. Love the box , i love vintage hangers got a few crochet ones in my wardrobe but how unique are yours xxx

  3. I love the hangers, what a good idea!

  4. The hangers are lovely and a great way of using up damaged fabric. I often come across beautiful Welsh blankets that sometimes the rats have got at. That's a nibble too far for me (Weils disease in mind) but folk do buy them and make them into cushion covers etc. I love the sound of the Gothic bedstead. My OH is very keen on the Gothic look and we have a Gothic meets Medieval bed head.

    1. Just wash them on a wool cycle. They will then be OK.

  5. Chests are always so useful, in our village people leave out bags of apples saying free please help yourself, which is very kind I have several apple and blackberry crumbles in the freezer, good job with the hangers, x

  6. I just love you and your hubby's talent for recycling tat into beautiful things. Love the coat hangers and I am glad I am not the only kid on the beach collecting shells!

  7. Great hangers. I made an apple crumble for tea tonight with some apples one of our neighbours gave us, very yummy !!
    twiggy x

  8. nothing like an autumnal crumble :-)

  9. Love the hangers, my sort of colours too!
    My hens are in full moult at the moment, having to buy eggs and they are not as tasty as my girls' eggs!
    Love the pine chest, would love it but, have no room for one here!

    I got some windfall apples too last week from our Community orchard. They look similar to yours. Mine are 'Rosemary Russet' and they taste delish!, no need for added sugar as they are very sweet. Guess they are a dessert apple? I must look the apple trees' names and descriptions up on our community website. There is a Medlar tree and a Quince tree too in the orchard.
    Think I'll have a crumble tonight and put some oats in the crumble mix. I like to put chopped mixed nuts in too sometimes, a real Autumnal flavour! xxx

  10. They look great! A very good idea. I like things that are homemade. Far far too many "perfect" factory produced things now. Pam x

  11. Your chest is exactly what my daughter is looking for! Do you have a website that you sell your things through? Leaving for a few days in Portugal to look at her wedding venue but will try and pick up any message you might have time to leave. Anne

  12. I love boxes, old boxes and trunks. As you say, wonderful storage items and look so good doing their job. I can always use more storage so never turn down a good deal. Love your chickens, I was hoping to get a few hens next summer. I would have to figure out how to house them in our hard winters, thats the your blog as always


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