Sunday, 3 August 2014

Still Here Folks .. Just A Bit Busy....

Hello there ... hope you are all well...

Yes .. we are still here ... just having a very busy summer .. 
we've had a sadness .... the passing of a young man .... unbelievably awful .. 

and as I said just busy busy work wise.

As you can see the house is ..well .. 
neglected is too mild a description... at the moment it looks like a Chinese laundry.
This weeks finds included a load of Victorian linen ...
 bloomers blouses and beautiful baby wear.
It's yet to be sorted .. I will try and get some pics for you .. the PC is still playing up ...
why Oh why there always something to throw a spanner in the works when its such a busy time.

The up side is ... we have wonderful suntans with working outdoors in this lovely weather ... I know its raining today .. but we can't really complain ..

Another lovely find ...
 and quite appropriate considering the anniversary of the beginning of WW1 tomorrow...
Wartime Red Cross Nurses Uniforms ....
these are truly wonderful .... I find myself thinking .... 
 if only they could talk ....
 what have they seen .. where have they been ...
 what stories could they tell.

They came with lots of aprons ... what a job laundering them ... 
but they are quite wonderful linen ... 
a softness that can only come from wear and washing ....  
gentle ageing ....
well .. you know what I mean if you are a lover of fabrics.

Oh .. and how about the blanket ... 
wartime too I should think .. the colours are those 'old shades' .. the sort you can't find nowadays.
 Its a lovely mix of colours .. a real 'make do and mend' affair ..

I'm sure they will be snapped up by my lovely customers ....
 I have lots of ladies (and Gents of course )....
who appreciate the Vintage .. the beauty and grace that a long and often hard life brings to well made yesteryear items.

A little pic for those of you .. like me ... that get a thrill from the old and shabby .. 
perhaps its why Hubby P has lasted so long ..! ha ha ..
Lovely linen buttons on the Nurses aprons ... just how many times has the tired nurse reached behind her to change her apron ... where was she ... 
how strong she must have been to nurse those young men.

The Nurse in question was called Penelope Williams ... 
an Anglesey girl.

So here's to you Penelope .. and all those brave young women who gave their all to nurse our young men during that horrific time .. where would we be without you.

Anyway enough of me ... still lots more aprons to iron ....

Bye for now.


  1. I have a couple of cards of those old fabric buttons if they'd be any use to you?

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you are OK, we all wondered where you were. It does sound as if you are very busy

  3. Good to hear what you are up to. I'm sure we've all missed your posts. Timely Nurse's outfits indeed - and not forgetting Nurse Penelope Williams.

  4. I applaud you for loving taking care of the nurses' uniforms and aprons. They are so full of history and meaning. And a part of me is proud too; my mother was a nurse-midwife in the 1960-70s in Kent. xoxo

  5. So glad to hear that you are still there! You make me homesick for Ynys Mon though! Ta ta tan toc.

  6. Apart from your sad loss I am happy that you have been so busy. I have missed your posts but the more you can work now the less pressure there will be in the winter. I too have turned brown, I have spent as much time as I can out doors.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you had a sad loss, but happy that you are both okay and busy, busy, busy. Love the nurses uniform, reminds me of the little replica one I got for Christmas one year when I was about five years old :-)

  8. So glad to see you back but glad to hear you have been busy, busy selling all your wonderful goods. Hope you post when you can.

  9. Sorry about your loss.
    I knew that the warmer weather would be keeping you busy!
    What wonderful finds you find!
    The tulips in your header are lovely.

    Take care, may the weather be kind to you both and then maybe you won't have to works so hard through the cooler months.

    Sandie xxx

  10. Lovely to hear from you, wondered where you'd gone. Sorry to hear about your sad loss :( Twiglet is miffed that we aren't seeing you this Summer
    Lots of love to you all xxxx

  11. Glad you are back, I thought something must have happened, hope you are well, really missed your posts x


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