Tuesday, 6 May 2014

All Work and No Play ... Makes A Tired Girl ....!


Hello there ....
hope you all had a nice weekend .. we've been so busy ...
 four days trading in a row...
We are very tired .. its takes its toll .. four mornings .. 4am starts .. loading and unloading the van eight times ! .. we must be crackers..
 So this afternoon when we got home .. I just had to have an hour or so in the garden to unwind ..

The house is in chaos .. not a stroke of housework done for days .. but you know what  ...
I don't care .. 
it can wait until tomorrow .. 
I stopped trying to be Superwoman years ago..

So I've been playing in the garden .. and its jam butties for tea!

We've been .. ever so slowly .. its taken a while ... its finding the time to do it...
but we have made a start .. clearing this garden bed next to the path .. its terribly overgrown and thick with weed.
We will put a new edging in and re do the slate path ... and plant up the bed with some pretty shrubs ... make a kind of hedge .. 
easy to maintain ... hopefully!
So we did a bit more clearing .. Hubby P is very good at weeding .. he has many talents .. and more patience than me.

At the car boots ..  at this time of year ... there are lots of stallholders selling plants .. cuttings from their own garden and whatnot .. great value.. a Girl could .. and does .. go mad...
plant heaven!
Here are a few patiently waiting for a new home.

As you can see the garden is in desperate need of some attention .. everything is just loving this weather ..
 and growing like crazy...

I managed to clear this little corner and added a bit of compost ...a few of the new plants have been given a new home .. 
I could almost hear the give a sigh of relief as I eased them out of their pots.

I had company .. we have rather too much of this sort of company .. why is it they don't like eating the weeds?

And a special little number .. a White Chive .. 
I've not had a white one before ... 
this was a surprise gift from a friend .. lovely.

 I've put it on the 'steps' so that I can keep an eye on it .. and admire it as I sit on the bench having my cup of tea.

Anyway .. enough of me .. I'm still waiting for Hubby P to come back from a clearance .. he is going to be so tired.

I think we will have a little lie in tomorrow ... 

Bye for now x


  1. sounds lovely in the garden!
    always enjoy your posts!

  2. you know i have always wondered why snails and slugs dont like weeds , love your cottage garden its so natural , i was tired today after going to two boot sales and a couple of jumbles a day packing ebay parcels and twp days of tramadol took its toll today and i had an afternoon snooze , its worked wonders , got a spring in my step now lol xxx

  3. your garden is looking like it's coming along nicely... Enjoy


  4. Hello Victoria, I've just noticed a pretty little sunflower I bought a couple of weeks ago has been totally decimated by the slugs! Oh well, they had a good time I suppose ...
    I hope your car boot sales were a success, that's a lot, four in a row! I'm hoping to do my first of the year tomorrow, but the weather forecast isn't promising, I'm afraid. I'm going to sort everything out today just in case, and at least it will be ready for next time. Try and have a rest, won't you?

    Love Claire xx

  5. We were struggling after a day at Builth and then a loooooooong car boot sale and an attempt at a 2nd the Bank Holiday Monday (both venues were dire, so we came home).

    Your garden is looking lovely and I don't blame you for getting straight out there after you got home. I like the Welsh blanket cushion fronts on the line!!!

  6. It's looking lovely, especially that White Chive, I've never even seen one. I wonder if the steps will deter the slugs and snails slightly, maybe you could put a band of copper around the legs and then all your tender plants will be safe.

  7. Wow you are always so busy,but it must be very rewarding, I would find it difficult to part with things, you find some wonderful pieces.

  8. I hope you have managed to find some "play time" now, I am taking it very easy at the moment. I have a few more boxes to unpack and a new sewing machine to buy and then I will get down to some quilting. I have 5 tops ready to go and another one in completed blocks waiting to be sewn together. I have not found a boot sale yet, but I will.

  9. Hi, hope all is well...no post for a while....not like you ? ! No pressure though ! Take care X

  10. Are you well Victoria, it is a long time since we heard from you. I hope it is because you are really busy and selling loads.

  11. I miss your posts. I hope all is well with you and your family.

  12. Please let us know if you are alive and kicking! I miss your posts. It's been soooooo long

  13. just checking in on you, hope you are well, miss your posts,

  14. You've been quiet for a couple of months. Hope everything is okay. Miss reading your posts.


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