Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Girls Are Getting Their Act Together .... This Weeks Clearance...

Hello there ...

Good news here .... the Girls are getting their act together ... and as a treat they had a few chips for lunch ...
(well we had a treat last night ... we were so tired after a long full day at work we had chips)
... so the Girls had the leftovers .... 

I went to feed them this morning and spied this in their makeshift nesting box.

One very large and misshapen egg.


Well ... its a beginning I thought ... you often get very small or misshapen eggs when they start to lay.
As I went to pick it up it cracked in my hand ... very very fine shell.

I quickly dropped it into the empty water dish ... the chickens heads had pricked up at the smell of the fresh egg .. they love fresh raw eggs and if they get a taste of them they will peck and eat their own eggs ... to I took it away quickly.
 But look what was inside the large egg ... another complete egg (as well as the yolk and white) ...what a mix up ... lets hope Mother Nature gets things sorted out and we have one egg at a time .. and one after another.

Hubby P has had a big clearance this week so he was moving stuff all yesterday and today ...

Some of the new bits we have had in ... 

These are rather sweet ... a set of kitchen curtains ... real vintage retro...
and made of a sturdy printed plastic. 

They still had their little hooks attached. 
They seem in good condition ... I shall give them a good soak and a wash in soapy water and see how they come up.
Can't say I have ever seen any others like them ... they are really rather sweet.

And another haul of vintage curtains .... 

Yesterday I went with Hubby P to the clearance place .. just to have a good ol poke about really.
In the attic I went ... up some very rickety stairs ... it was dim and dusty up there and the floor was very iffy ... wonky floorboards with big holes ... It must be said .. I didn't feel very safe at all.

Luckily Hubby P is very good at following directions ...and I pointed at various interesting bundles and he did the fetching and carrying ..
I pulled out the above .. interesting patterns and colours.
I have yet to look at them properly .. and I will wait to see if today Hubby P can find more .. so that I can see if there are pairs of curtains ...
and if the curtains are usable as curtains .. or maybe they will have to be salvaged for their good bits and sold as reclaimed fabric.
It all takes time and work ... washing and sorting ... but I do so love giving these delightful old fabrics a new lease of life.

They must have lain in the attic room a good 40+ years ... 
I wonder what stories they could tell.

The interesting tale of this clearance (there is always an interesting aside) ... as Hubby P was sorting ... he pulled out from a cupboard .. an old haversack type bag and dropped it onto the floor ...later as he went through the papers and bags from the cupboard he found ... in the haversack ... a stash of live WW2 ammunition/bullets.
He informed the police ... can you believe this ...on his way home last night he called at our..
 'Brand Spanking New Ultra Modern ...Cost A Fortune Police Station'

There was no one there ... not a single Bobby .. doors locked and everything. 
'No one manning it tonight '.... he was told he stood outside and rang the police ..
and this is in the main town of the Island ... not some little village.

The best the police could suggest was that they would send someone tonight to pick up the 'Live Ammunition'.

We are still waiting ....

Anyway enough of me .... do you like the curtains? or are these loud retro prints a bit over the top do you think?



  1. One of my friends has chickens and ducks and she gives us eggs occasionally, they are just delicious!

  2. Yummy nothing like fresh eggs :)
    AFM xx

  3. I've never had an egg like that. The inner shell looks to be a different colour to the outer shell. Wierd!

  4. Love, love, love the curtains!!

  5. Hells teeth live ammunition/bullets cripes you don't hear things like this often ;)
    AFM xx

  6. The curtains are a great find , how exciting going in to the house clearances you never know what you might find , even live bullets lol xxxx

  7. I'm sure we had the patten in the middle in the front room of mums house in the 60s. Looks familiar. Curtains were kept for ever back then mum had summer and winter ones,
    It's funny how hens lay an odd egg now and again,usually when they are getting old. I've only seen 1 inside another just twice in the 30 years we've kept chickens.

  8. I have never seen an egg like that before, how strange to have one inside the other! Love the vintage fabrics, i do hope they are salvagable, never seen plastic ones though. Blimey live ammunition... Never a dull moment at your place is there!! Xx

  9. I bet the chicken was happy when that egg was out - ouch!

  10. What a weird egg! A real twist on a double yolker! Fascinated by your curtain finds. I think I have a curtain of mum's rather like that green one in the row of three patterns. It would date from the 1960s. Not my taste these days I have to say, as I have a sort of Laura Ashley mind! I wonder when the Police will do a dawn raid for the live ammo?

  11. I must admit that I'm not a fan of the retro prints but, seeing those plastic kitchen curtains took me back a few years! My Mum had some in the bathroom with shells and gulls on and every time someone had a bath in the cooler weather, the condensation would pour down these curtains, so then ended up in the shed, covering my younger brothers bike! Which reminds me, on freecycle a few weeks back, someone was asking if any one had a red bulb for their old ' Rima Heat and light'. Now can you recall having one of those in your bathroom?! It was circular, had 2 heat circle bars and if you had a red bulb in the middle, extra heat as well as a red glow in your bathroom. Of course that 'elf from the H&S wouldn't allow them anywhere near a source of water these days! But, then, most people haven't got single glazed windows with the beautiful frost patterns when the thermometer drops hey?

  12. P.S I meant to say, perhaps the chicken didn't come before the egg in this case?LOL!

  13. Isn't nature amazing, even when it makes mistakes? We've had the large, soft shelled mis-shapen ones before, but never with an egg inside! Any egg at the moment would be a bonus ...

    I love the plastic curtains, what a find and think that the curtains with boats on them would make a lovely bag for the summer, or even use as curtains for a summer house, whatever they are used for I think they;re lovely ...

    Have a great Thursday Victoria!

    Love Claire xxx

  14. I've never had an egg inside an egg, amazing!!

    I think we had curtains very similar to the red, black, white, yellow boaty type pattern when we were growing up way back in the sixties, what a wonderful find.

    I'm sure there will be lots of interest in them if you can salvage them.

  15. Too Loud, there is no such thing, in my world anyway. I am always on the look out for retro fabric. I am slowly building a collection of pillowcases at 25p each. Future patchwork, only after I have them on the pillows a few times.

  16. An egg in an egg ? How odd!
    I would so love to have chickens. I very nearly did, but lovely landlady changed her mind at the very last minute : (


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