Monday, 13 January 2014

Always Carry A Bit Of Bargain Huntin Money ....

Hello there ....
bit of a dreary damp sort of day ... 

I'm a bit tired of this rain now ... thank you!

We have so much to do outside ... so we donned hats and coats and did it anyway.

We have this awful looking tin shed ... we both agree its an awful thing .. practical ..yes .. keeps everything nice and dry ..but just not pleasing on the eye.

Its where Hubby P keeps/kept the vintage tools he collects .. ready for restoration and then selling on. 
Well we have had a bit of a sort out .. a swap around and the tools can now be stored elsewhere ... so the tin shed can go.
We've even found a friendly farmer who thinks the good dry tin shed is great .. ideal for storing his sheep feed ... and is happy to take it away ... so its a win win situation.

So that was today's job ... well done .... in the rain.

Sunday was a trading day ... it went well.

I had a mooch around the stalls ... not a lot to get excited about ...
but as I was passing the more market type stalls one of the chaps started shouting out ...  as they do ... 
'Sale On' ... 
'All on the table 50p'....
So of course I had to go and have a little look.
He was tipping out boxes of winter stock ... hats, gloves, socks and the like ...probably to make room for newer summer stock.

Luckily I always carry a little bit of  Bargain Hunting Money ... if you have got the ready cash there ... its amazing what you can snap up ... tis no good dithering .. often it won't be there in an hour or two.

The sock chap tipped out another box ... packs of thermal socks (12 pairs in a pack) just £3. 
Just the sort Hubby P wears .. and swears by .. they are so warm and comfy ... the only problem .. they were ladies.
Now occasionally I have borrowed Hubby P's socks ... and indeed they are warm ... a bit big and baggy ... being his socks on my much smaller feet ... but I have been disinclined to buy Ladies Thermal socks because they tend to be the same colour (as Hubby P's) ... and I could see total confusion when it came to sorting the laundry.

But 12 pairs for £3 ... that will last me ...years!
That's ... what ... 25p per pair.

So I came up with the idea of marking my socks with colourful thread ... it was going to be just a stitch .. but hey! a little flower.. much prettier.
Now the test is whether or not Hubby P ... on laundry duty (pairing socks and putting away) will actually see and note the little flower... or will he end up trying to force his size 10's into my flower bedecked .. much smaller socks.

Sock chappie's 50p table held lots of these ... pretty little gloves.
I got a few pairs to put in my Christmas box ... ready for next year. We have lots of children in the family and I like to donate bits and bobs I have picked up over the year to the Christmas Shoe box charity thingy ... 
So I always have a little Bargain Huntin money ... just in case.

It seems like I am spending .. but over the year it saves money and spreads the cost.

So ...what bargains of the week have you come across ... do share ... give us ideas.



  1. what a great deal! No good deals my way, I haven't been shopping in two weeks!

  2. Cosy warm feet at a bargain price, brilliant buy !

  3. What bargains! Nothing here, other than my haul of wool off freecycle!

  4. You will have warm frugal feet for years now. What a bargain!

    I try to be firm in charity shops but a couple of weeks ago I found two Good-as-new Royal Worcester Evesham china mugs, for £1 each. They came home!

  5. What a bargain. I would have bough those too. My bargain was a lovely piece of fabric from the CS for £1.50. Will put uop a pic soon

  6. Oh, what deals! No shopping here, but I love those stretchy thin gloves..they go under my heavy but cold leather work gloves when I am working in the barn in the winter...the socks look wonderful as well! It is so cold here usually in winter that the flea markets stop for the winter...

  7. My bargain in the last week was a hunting whip in need of a new flapper (£5). Nothing much doing at the car boot sale this time of year, though I did get 3 old countryside books for a pound last Sunday. WARM socks - an absolute must for us outside gals, and what a bargain.

  8. What brilliant bargains and the little flower stitched on your socks is sheer genius!!

    I've bought no bargains, but then I've spent no money so I'm happy. Although I do miss a good bargain :-)

  9. Think you need a bigger flower on your socks, Vicky....if you think your husband will pair them up correctly on laundry day, lol. Brilliant prices though! Nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you get a bargain, is there?

  10. We try to be frugal [as you say] . Don't have a car as we don't drive. Don't have a television [ 3yrs now.] don't miss it one bit. There are some pretty decent radio programmes, if you know where to look. [and I can knit at the same time] No freezer either,just a small worktop fridge. I shop locally each day. My hubby was lucky enough to get a kidney transplant and we are a lot happier than some people that I know. By the way we had one of those sheds...don't it make a racket when you open the door...well ours did, ha ha.

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  12. I used to sew flowers on my plain black socks as I have OCD about them being proper pairs. It drives me barmy when they aren't identical. I hoped it would help hubby pair them up properly, but he didn't, and socks still went missing, so I gave up and went back to having a "random sock box" which I try to make pairs from every few weeks. Hubby has the same size feet as me so we share all the socks.

    My bargain of the day was also for Christmas. My daughter needed new PE pumps and Tesco's is the only place near me to get them, £3.50 for pumps which I'm happy with. But the bargain was on Christmas cards. I make my own, but buy the ones my daughter sends, and boxes of 20 were 37p.
    I also bought a couple of rolls of silver wrapping paper for 50p, I make sure I buy colours I can use all year round.

    I always normally buy the wrapping paper and cards at this time of year, but I've been so ill since Christmas that I've only left the house twice and I thought I'd have missed the cheap cards.

  13. I have made a pledge to not buy any more stuff, but I guess socks aren't stuff as such. A bargain is a bargain right? And those socks were definitely a bargain! They are very nice socks!! No great deals here though

    Wish I could send you some of my sunshine, we have plenty to spare :)

  14. A girl can never have too may socks........ or pencils, or chocolate or photos of David Tennant for that matter .......
    Twiggy xx


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