Monday, 25 November 2013

Peas and More Peas ... But Such Good Value!

Hello there ...
beginning of another week ... where do the days go to ..

A nice young mad delivered my Approved Food order today ...
and carried right into the house ... how great is that ..
its all so easy.

 There perhaps wasn't a great many items as other times .. but of course the weight was in the tins and sack of flour and I only spent £25 all in.
Huge tins of mushy peas ... and just £1 each.

 Whilst I was putting it away it gave me chance to sort out the cupboards .... fill up the everyday jars ... rotate stocks and get a grip of just what I have got ... which happens to be ...lots of curry 'mix in paste-y' things.
So lots of curries on the horizon ...

Now at the moment we have a problem with a 'visitor'  ... I think he has clogs on and lives in the roof space. We have never had mice in the house before ... and to be honest .. this is bigger than a mouse.
How.. why or where .. we don't know .. but they (water board) were doing work on the drains in the road last week .. so maybe they have disturbed something then ....
Hubby P has gone into full battle mode ... the house is wired up like a don't know what ... 
the cat ..
well she's sleeping like a baby ....not a bit interested ... not her problem!

Luckily all foodstuffs are kept in jars and tins .. and I managed to get the big sack of flour in the green enamel bread bin.

I tackled one of the tins of peas .... they are just fine ... mushy peas ... whats to say!
As you can see I had 4 plastic pots handy so I lined them with freezer bags ... filled them .. put them in the freezer. Tomorrow I will take them out of the plastic pots (so I can use the pots again .. the 'blocks' of peas will stack nicely in the freezer.
The remainder of the peas .. well some we had with our gammon for tea and the rest went into a big pot of soup. 

 The flour looks good  .. lets hope so since I bought a whole great sack of it.

I made a soda bread for Hubby P ... we've yet to try it ...
it looks nice and rustic ...
and smells good and wholesome ..

Just what our warrior needs ... 
I do hope our visitor leaves before it comes to a showdown ...

But needs must .. we can have vermin in the house.

Take care xx


  1. ha, that mouse or squirrel or what ever better watch out!! That flour looks lovely, and your baked goods look dee licious!!!

  2. I just love mushy pea sandwiches! Definitely fills a gap when hunger beckons ... That loaf looks lovely, could you give the recipe please?

    Love Claire xx

  3. I LOVE mushy peas!Have you tried mushy pea fritters?

  4. Can't wait to hear exactly what your visitor is! Now if you were living here in my area (Tasmania) I'd be betting on a possum. They are noisy little devils I can tell you!

  5. So annoyed that I missed that Flour bargain. GRrrrrr!

  6. Yuk, sorry mushy peas are not my thing, they are Lovely Hubby's but the poor man never gets any because I hate them so much. I should be nice and do as you have done and put single portions for him into the freezer.

    It's most like a rat if it sounds that loud and they've disturbed the drains. You need to borrow a Jack Russell, pity we're not closer to you.

  7. I love to see how others store their foods (I'm a bit of a squirrel). Since you mentioned Approved Foods, I've had a look at the shop- I must admit I didn't get far beyond all the sweet stuff! We've had mice in our loft before and they can sound quite large too, we caught one in a humane trap, and it went mad (obviously) and flung itself around, clung upside-down, not at all what I expected from a tiny 'shy' mouse!

  8. Mushy peas mmmmmm, I looked at those but the freezer is full and I dare not have such a big tin of yumminess within easy reach, the after effects can be ...........disturbing.

  9. Some good buys there for the stores. Hope you soon catch the visitor, I hate long tailed things with a passion if they are inside my house. Ian trapped and killed the mouse we had in the under cupboard sink a while ago, but I haven't plucked up courage to go in that cupboard ever since, eek!

  10. I hope you find your intruder soon - pesky things. We used to get them in the wall behind our bed, and it sounded like an elephant was walled up alive!

    I have made a mental note to look at Approved Foods regularly, as several people I know use it and recommend them. What a good idea to freeze individual portions of the mushy peas. I do that with bigger packs of sausages, or turky breast slices.

    P.S. I loved your knitting needles from the previous post. So colourful, and what a good idea to turn them into bangles etc.

  11. It could be a squirrel. We had one in our roof space a few years ago and there was a large round hole in the black stuff that is put in underneath the tiles. There are lots of squirrels around here. I used to hear him or her above my head when I was on the computer, he/she certainly had boots on. No sign for a good while now.

  12. If it was drains, its probably a rat. We had this in our previous home. The Dawn Patroller ended up ..... well it was dead afterwards, after that no problem. Cats not interested as its the size it is. Hope its not.


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