Saturday, 23 November 2013

How About These For A Cute Find! ...

Hello there ...
just a quickie post .. jut to say Hello to you all really!

 Just having a sort out today and came across these I found the other week ... thought I would share them with you ..
they are just so cute!

 1960/70's vintage knitting needles ...
 in the most amazing colours ...
 just so pretty.

 Even the dinky little labels are so lovely ... I'm sure I could use them in all sorts of crafty ways ... decoupage and cards and whatnot... they have that old vintage-y patina to them .. well you know what I mean.

 Packaged by Critchley Bros ... if that means anything to anyone ... there must have been some sort of factory in Stroud.

 I bought the bagful .. as you do when you get a bit carried away ... the colours just hit me and I loved them ..
you just cant buy anything this pretty these days.

I have quite a few ... don't quite know what I will do with them ... someone suggested bangles .. apparently they are easy to make .. basically you just melt/soften the needles and shape ... 

The little 6" ones would look nice with dollies and teddies ... 'learning to knit ' .. you know...

And of course you can always knit with them!

I've put a few on ebay .. try and recoup some costs.

Watch this space .. I really feel like giving this bangle thing a try.

Anyone else got any ideas? 

Take care x


  1. that was a super great find and I can't wait to see what they become,

    1. Hopefully get a chance to play with them tomorrow x

  2. I have some bright plastic needles we found when we cleared mother in laws house....made by Durex!

    I too look forward to seeing what they become :)

    1. By Durex .. my word! I'm sure there is a funny and kinky response to that .. but perhaps we hadn't better voice it .. lol!


  3. Ooh what a find! They'd look great just stuck in a jug or jam jar ... Very colourful!

    Low Claire xx

    1. Yes .. I do have a handful stood in an old glass jar on the stall .. they look great ... and hopefully someone may want to buy some! x

  4. Oh I love old knitting needles and crochet hooks too. I often wish I had more time for knitting and my arts and crafts.

  5. Lovely retro colours, enough to get me knitting!

  6. Love the colours, I'd be tempted just to have them all stood in a jug :-)

  7. I too would stick them in a vase and just enjoy looking at them. Well done at finding them. Yummy.

  8. Re Critchley Bros, I was in Stroud last week and the firm was well known there. The following is from an item on National Archives website which I thought you'd find interesting . . .
    The Critchley family have been associated with pin manufacture in the Stroud valley since 1832, but the present firm of Critchley Bros. Ltd. was not founded until 1883, when F. E. and U. G. Critchley purchased Wimberley Mills. The company was incorporated in 1909, and now has branches or associated companies in Australia and South Africa.
    The firm's original activity of manufacturing pins produced low profits, and after the First World War a programme of diversification was begun. Knitting needles, hair grips, drawing pins, children's toys, electrical accessories and flexible plastic piping have all been produced since the Second World War, and the two last named products now comprise a high proportion of the firm's output.

    1. Thank you for that Frances ...that explains why some of the pins have Wimberley labels on them. I knew someone out there would know .. isn't blogging a wonderful thing! x


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