Friday, 23 August 2013

This Years First Blackberries and .. Lieutenant R H Burkhart ...

Hello there ....
are you looking forward to a nice weekend ... I do believe the sun is going to shine.

 We had a little wander up the lane today and picked a few blackberries. Not many ready yet ... but they are on their way ... lots on the brambles.

 Hubby P in his 'Hunter Gatherer' mode ... he reached up into the tree to provide me with a few apples to put with the blackberries ... I shall jam these few we picked today.

I picked a few sprays of some rather lovely rose hips too ... they were dangling over the hedge and so far into the road I'm sure it would be no time before a car knocked them back ... or a horse and rider got tangled in them ....

 I thought they would look nice in one of my jugs ...brings quite an autumnal feel to the house.

A couple of finds this week I thought you may like ...

This huge .. huge table cloth .. a pretty pink ...
(its a bit crumpled ... its just out of the washing machine) 

 Someone has lovingly embellished the printed cotton with pretty hand embroidery ... a lovely thing.

And how about this ....
This is an American Officers uniform jacket ...

It belonged to Lieutenant R H Burkhart ...
Cincinatti 1943
(this information is in the jacket)

It is rather moth eaten and has had its original buttons replaced ... I found a 5 cent coin (1940) in the pocket and a small comb.

Now this jacket was found packed away in a house/attic belonging to a little old man in Wales ... now where is the story in this? ... is there a romantic element presumably there would have been a lady of the house at one time ... is there a touch of GI love? ... was it a gift? ... was it mealy lost ... and found?

And who was R H Burkhart?... die he get back Cincinatti
(where is Cincinatti exactly?... Ohio....I'm just guessing)

Life is so full of stories ... I like to think it has seen happy times.

That's all for now folks ... take care x


  1. you black berries are lovely, I love to make blackberry jam and jelly.We found some real treasures didn't you, it does make you wonder the story behind the items.

  2. Fabulous haul of blackberries, non out here yet, we are just finishing off some Rose Hip Syrup made from last years frozen Hip's.

    What lovely treasures, I like to think there is a romantic link to the jacket and the coin found in the pocket was put there so that whoever found it would have the same good fortune.

    Enjoy the weekend and I hope the sun is shining, we had a long and loud thunder storm last night and lots of lovely rain for the scorched garden, you can almost hear the sigh of relief!

    Karen x

  3. I think this year is to be a bumper crop of blackberries. I have cursed the brambles coming in from the field, but now I can see the fruit coming!

  4. The seasons are gradually merging, one into the other and there's always something to marvel at. I'd love to know the real story behind the jacket. Did the lady of the house hide it in the loft - a reminder of a brief encounter with a love from across the Atlantic, her husband not knowing that she still secretly thought of the one who got away. Who knows?
    Love from Mum

  5. I couldn't find any apples, but it was wonderful to find some blackberries! The first ones are so delicious

  6. I absolutely LOVE tablecloths! That one looks a beauty and I reckon would fit my large kitchen table ( I sound a bit covetous don't I !?)


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