Friday, 30 August 2013

A Day of .... All Safely Gathered In ....

Hello there ... just a quickie tonight ...
today's doings ... 
'gathering it all safely in' ..
 and what a lot there is of it ... 
veg coming at is from all directions ...

Hubby P decided to pick the plums ... not quite ripe yet but the wasps were having a go at them ... such a lot of wasps this year.

Our first crop of plums .. I planted the tree just last year so I am pleased with these.

Yet more courgettes ... and look at this monster that had managed to hide away under the leaves ... its just about a marrow.

So that's Marrow and Ginger jam then.

 Hubby P was just joking earlier ... suggesting that jam was the one thing in which I couldn't hide courgettes ... it reminded me of the Marrow and Ginger jam ... very nice as I remember.

Oh ... and whilst we are in the fridge ... I got one of these huge tubs of mustard from Approved Foods (for pennies ) ... anyone else get one ...
What does one do with a kg of mustard? 
I made honey mustard sauce (packet of white sauce Approved Foods 10p and added honey and mustard... very nice) ...
to go with ...
Yes ... tonight's ...BEANS!

 Yes folks .... they are still coming thick and fast.

Hubby P feels he is beginning to look like a bean ... its healthy I tell him ... the green tinge to the skin .. most appealing!

 And we have peppers ... very hot peppers ... 
gifted from a friend .... how many we will eat I don't know ...
 a little goes a long way ...
 but they look pretty hung in the kitchen  ....and they will dry and keep.

We had to work this afternoon sourcing stock and whatnot ... 
and look what we found at the side of the road.

 Lovely Damsons ... we gathered a large bag full... all free and frugal and all that.

They now look like this ... yummy Damson Jam ... all ready for the colder mornings when we eat it greedily ... spread thick on our morning toast.
We always had Damson jam when I was a child ... I think everyone I knew did .... perhaps it was the cheapest ... Strawberry jam was for special occasions (on your scones) .... or the 'posh' people.

Decided I will never be a 'posh' person ... and anyway I like Damson jam ... and it reminds me of 'Home' ... home being that warm loving childhood home.
So what reminds you of home ? ... is it just me with the Damson jam thing?

Bye for now x


  1. ooh yes! Damson Jam ! Ours aren't ripe yet, but as soon as they are the jam kettle will be out.

  2. your jam looks lovely!! I understand completely what you mean about meaning home, we had something called choke cherry jelly, not sure if they crow in Britain , small purple berries that have a pit, they are dark purple and are mouth puckering sour but sweet, they make the best jelly and the best part they are free! That is why we ate lots of them, desert for us lots of nights was bread and jam and still I like something sweet at the end of our meal and lots of times its bread and jelly, my husband as well, (my backside shows this habit is indulged in much to often), :)!!!Your photos are beautiful, I enjoy my visit here so much,

  3. Hi Victoria,
    I will never be a posh person either! How lovely to pick damsons by the roadside .... a friend gave me tons of them a few years ago because she didn't know what to do with them, so I made her some jam and crumbles, shouldn't have given her ideas as I've never had any since! I love free food, we also have a glut of courgettes, I just don't know what to do with them but Nigel Slater made a delicious chocolate and courgette cake last night ... looked really good, so ight have to give it a try.

    Enjoy the last day of August ...

    Love Claire xxx

  4. A lovely blog you have here, l have been enjoying reading it with my morning coffee. I have signed up as a follower. All the best, Pam in Norway

  5. I'm really impressed by the amount of plums you have from a new tree, I planted a Victoria Plum tree about 5 years ago and its turned out to be Damson! However, your Damson jam looks gorgeous, what a lovely colour. I very nearly pulled up my last courgette plant last week and this morning it has two more growing...must have been the threat of the compost bin lol I think it has been a bumper year for beans, we are still picking lots of them and freezing some for later when fresh veg is too expensive. xx

  6. Yum!

    Love the pepper string!

  7. Missing your posts! Hope you are busy with good things! Finally a bit cooler and less humid in the east coast usa..stocking up the wood for the woodstoves!

  8. Really missing your posts Hope all is ok in your world and are maybe just too busy with life, please post again soon . Kind regards.

  9. Really missing your posts. Hope all is well and look forward to hearing all about your doings. Kind regards.

  10. I have just found your blog , i love it , you are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country, i love cooking and am trying to get a veg garden stated so i will be taking a peek at your blog on a regular basis, eileen.


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