Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The March Wind Doth Blow .... And Thrifty Meat Deals...

Hello there ... 
and yes we had some snow ...
 and bitterly cold it was too ...
but not to worry its sun shining today and a tad warmer..

The Daffs are out in full splendour and their happy faces make me smile ... just love these little biddy ones.

I planted some in Will's old work boots ...
 they remind me of him ...
he works a long.. long.. way away from home these days ... 
I like to remember the early days ... 
when he first started work and he would return home bringing the smell of the woods home on his boots (Will is a woodsman)... nice days.

You might say I have a thing about boots ...
I always save the boots .. 
and 'plant' them around the garden.

Remember my pink boots ... I'm almost blending into the garden ... like I said ... 
I like a nice boot...
and every Girl needs a splash of pink!

I haven't done much to day ... 
but I did go shopping ... 
and went to 'suss out' a fairly new local meat outlet place.
What a good place ... very reasonable prices for good old fashioned cuts of meat. 

I got all this and a load of meat and bones for the dogs for £21.

And a lot of the produce seemed to be born reared and slaughtered in the UK.

Just look at this ... neck chops ... I haven't been able to find this cut for years ... ideal for Hubby P's hotpot.
I bought two trays of these neck chops and two trays of cheap lamb breast ... the lamb breast I diced up into bits and I put a couple of neck chops in a bag with a handful of diced bits.
 That's enough for a hotpot ...
 I had seven bags ... seven hotpots ( 14 portions) for £7 .... 50p a head.
Not too bad for a wonderfully warm and tasty meal.

I also bought two pork hocks, pack of bacon bits, six black puddings and something called Bucco Beef? any idea what cut this might be ... it has a bit of bone in it so I guess it needs long slow cooking ... and I'm hoping it will be really tasty.

The place had lots of interesting cuts and reasonably priced fish ... so I will have a save up and have a another visit there.

So .... Black Pudding for tea ... wonder how they will compare to the Lancashire Black Puddings ?
I grew up on the Lancashire puddings .. I have a soft spot for them.  
The hours I've spent standing in the draughty market hall eating steaming hot puddings... with a dab of mustard

Quality Girls ... us Lancashire Lasses!

A few more Daffs in the  front garden of the cottage .... poor things have been a beaten down with the weather .. still they nod their pretty heads...



  1. You can't beat Lancashire black pudding .... In a Lancashire hotpot! Great meat bargains, looking forward to seeing what you do with it ...

    Love Claire xxx

  2. they nod their pretty heads, thats so sweet, such a pretty phrase.I love the boots in the garden they look so beautiful with the flowers growing in them.You certainly did find some good buys today, a lot of meals for 21 pounds.
    My husband cut wood for 30 years, I know the smell you mean, its a great smell!

  3. I am so envious of your daffodils, we are still a couple of months away from seeing ours, still have snow on the ground here...

    Gill in Canada

  4. No dafs out here in the US yet, but plenty of foliage...
    The hot pot sounds great..still cold and windy this sheep are being sheared this morning, so will have to heap plenty of straw into their stall when they are done!

  5. The daffodils are nearly out here, but today`s cold wind is still holding back the buds.

    A good idea to plant up those old boots!

  6. Bucco beef would be from the shin of the animal - the part you use when making the Italian stew called 'Osso Bucco'. This meat loves long slow cooking and it's very very tasty and tender in the end!

    You certainly got some bargains there!

  7. Someone beat me too it with the 'Bocco' identification. Shin of beef is my prefered cut for slow cooking. Great cooked in a tomato basil sauce. Reminds me of my nonno's place when I was a child.

  8. Hi Victoria, just joined your blog officially, just started my own blog today too,your life seems a lot how I wish mine to be like,we have been car boot amateurs and are looking to take up buying at auctions and selling at carboots etc, I have always had a passion for this, I also love charity shopping,we would are looking to do this instead of doing jobs we disklike, and are trying to change our lives to simple, happy thrifty living, your blog is so inspiring, x


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