Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Celebrating the Everyday ... With An Eye to Thriftyness ... Of Course!

Hello there ....
 just a little catch up and a few pic's of today's doings.

I have read a couple of Blogs in the last few days that have left me a bit ... well ... surprised and rather confused.
The blogs were ones I read on a regular basis and I thoroughly enjoy sharing the ups and downs of peoples lives ...
What surprised me and confused me were comments left by some rather unpleasant individuals who said the blogs were boring/mundane because they were about everyday life. 
The girls talked of their daily tasks and challenges ... something we all have... and a lot of which we all have in common.

I'm confused because why oh why choose to read if you think we are boring ... we talk of life ..

So here we are again ... and tonight I chose to celebrate the boring and mundane ... the everyday life ... of Me.

This is my day...   

 I fancied something a bit fruity this morning ... the fruit bowl was sadly lacking ....

 So I rootled through the 'tins' cupboard... and following 
Meanqueens  advice blitzed a couple of cheap as chips tins ... of Approved Foods Manderin Segments in Juice.
Lovely ...  thick tasty orange juice.

Its that time of year again ... well almost ...
so I had bought in a few bars of 'well priced chocolate'  Lidl's best ... ready for the Easter Bunny. 

A few years ago I invested in some basic chocolate moulds ... some Easter Bunnies and some Christmas thingies.
I find this a nice task ... making little sweet treats for family and  friends ... and its become a bit of a traditional thing within the family ... along with the Christmas stockings.

And it works out a little cheaper than spending on all those chocolate eggs where the majority of the product is the cardboard packaging.
(Yes ..I know ... we are 'Special' here ...we do believe in Fluffy White Easter Trains!) ...who do you think brings the Easter Bunny ... he can't hop all that way!   

A little bit of sewing on the Make Do and Mend front .... a friends perfectly good skirt .... just a bit too long she hadn't worn it too often ... so I chopped off a couple of inches. Lets hope it sunshine's this summer and she gets a chance to wear it.

And for Hubby P ...

 Hard working and busy as ever ...
a hearty ... rib sticking Shepherds Pie ...(with no hidden vegetables!)

And for me .... nice fresh cabbage to go with it.

Just had to show you these ... you may love them .. or hate the idea of them ....
but non the less they have arrived in a box of stock to be sold ...
something different to say the least. 

Taxidermy at its finest ... they are very well done ....
four birds of the Corvine family.

A Rook ...a Crow .. a Jackdaw and a Magpie..

So ... a Murder of Crows ...

A ? of Jackdaws ... a ? of Magpie's....
and of Rook's

One of you out there must know .... 

~~~ and that's my day  ~~



  1. An unkindness of ravens is about what I know...and also a train of jackdaws!

  2. An unkindness of Ravens and a Train of Jackdaws is what I know! and of course the magpie song...1 for sadness 2 for joy 3 for a girl and 4 for a boy 5 for silver 6 for gold and 7 for a secret never to be told!

  3. well I certainly DO NOT find your day boring, I LOVE hearing about the everyday tasks and happenings, I would much rather read about this than whether I should totally redo the down stairs bath or recover my thousands of dollar sofa for the spring season, I live my life with what we have, there is N extra money for foolishness, we are not materialistic people and I hate to speak for you but you do not seem to be either, you are my kind of people and if you are bring my dear you are in good company!!!!

  4. I am totally in love with your ravens. I think I need to find one of my own so it can sit on my desk and keep me company whilst I make things.

  5. Nowt mudane about happening upon a brace of taxidermied birds in your thrifty travels!!!
    One day i hope to have a library, and it will have taxidermied creatures amongst the books and dust, it must!

  6. I never find reading your blog boring Vicky. Do be careful of those birds if they are quite old, they used to use cyanide powder to preserve them. x

  7. Wow-cyanide powder! You learn a lot reading comments!
    I enjoy your" mundane" days, similar to currently "excavating"my stash ( company coming! ), and enjoying seeing everything again...working on my endless pile of unfinished projects..piles of quilt tops off to the machine quilter...I always like to see what you are working on.
    Too cold for gardening yet but must order strawberry plants...our daffodils are not even in bud!

  8. Ooh I love your Easter bunnies Victoria ... not keen on the Corvine family though, they send shivers up my spine!

    How can you say your day is boring? You fill it with lots of interesting things and I love to hear wehat you've been up to. Those who find our chit chats boring don't need to read, do they?

    Claire xxx

  9. I too love the bunnies, where did you buy the moulds?

    Not so sure about the corvids, used to date a taxidermist but the smell put me off :)

  10. I love reading about other people's lives I find it fascinating and there is certainly nothing mundane about your life it sounds lovely. I can't understand why people feel the need to leave horrible comments. If you don't like the blog then don't read it. Simple :-)
    Kay xx

  11. Your blog is never dull and boring it is down to earth, It must be exciting going through those boxes you buy, full of little treasures, I cant wait to start going to the auctions.

  12. Well I for one enjoy those sort of "everyday" blogs. In the old days, when we might have stood on our doorsteps chatting with other wives, we would enjoy this kind of "mundane" conversation, which is the stuff of our lives. I think blogging provides this social interaction which our busy lives are missing now.

    Love the crows by the way. I managed to preserve a gorgeous wing I found in the park.

  13. I agree with Kath. Tales of other people`s everyday lives are rarely boring. They are the "Stuff of Life"!

    Your birds are amazing. I had no idea about the cyanide though!

  14. I wish I could potter around your cottage in the photo. Your life is far less mundane than mine :)

    We have a poem "Counting Crows", and I only found out last year (in South Wales !!) that it's about magpies across the pond.

    Colette xo

  15. I'd rather read everyday blogs than here is a corner of my beautiful Emma Bridgewater/Cath Kidston house any day. Real life rules. I must say the stuffed birds spook me out a bit, but I am a big wuss.
    Keep warm and toasty in your lovely little home, we are hoping for a snow day off school tomorrow up here ont'tops ;)
    Twiggy xx

  16. I got up, made a cuppa, did some exercises .... etc, etc! I imagine most of us have ordinary everyday lives. What's wrong with that? Of course, it's nice reading something exciting from time to time - but could we cope with it on a regular basis???


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