Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Magic has begun.....

Hello there ....

Well.. it's begun ...
the magic that is Mother Nature
 ....how exciting is this ...

 Life is springing from the seeds I sowed the other day.

Itsy bitsy tiny shoots ... 
but they are there ... 
a promise of Spring.

 In celebration I brought home this pretty little jug and tray..

Its just begging for some spring time flowers ...
perhaps Lidl will have some cheap and cheerful Daffs.

Bitterly cold here today .... although dry ... that's something.

I had my moment of magic with the seeds ... so I had to make the magic happen for Hubby P too.. 


So what better than a nice warm chocolate sponge pudding and custard.

Real 'fill ya boots' stuff...

So whats makin the magic happen for you this week?



  1. Now that's what I call a proper sponge!

  2. Please feel free to pop round with some of that cake!!! Looks delicious! Are they garlic cloves in the top pic?

  3. God that baking looks so delicious! I am so glad spring is starting to show her sweet face. Xxx

  4. Thats right .. garlic .. bog standard garlic from Lidl ..I'll grow them on and see how they do. I imagine garlic is garlic where ever it is bought.

    Vicky x

  5. There isn't much better than digging in dirt and watching things grow.

  6. truly magic and that pudding would disappear like magic here as well!!!!looks wonderful!!!

  7. We have an old tin bath too, I grow herbs in. What are you going to do with the watering cans? Again I have about three out in the garage, the bucket we use for the ashes from the wood burner as they come out hot!

  8. Oh I am so bored with all this wind and rain! Lovely to see some signs of Spring, even if it is a tiny shoot from a seed; we know it's on it's way. Just wish it would hurry up! Cake looks gorg! Karla xxx


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