Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Playing Out Today .. a Few Pic's

Hello there ... 
How was your day?

I've had a nice day...Managed to spend some time playing out in the sunshine.
Yes .. the sun was shining .. it was a tad windy ... well .. maybe a bit more than a 'tad' ... but hey!... 'the Sunshine'! 

And in celebration I put up the flag ...
 well ... not exactly a flag ... but one smashingly colourful sunshade I found propped up against the shed.

I'm practising for summer ...see!

Its  a bit of a sad looking sunshade ... so I shall look for something a bit smarter ... something suitably Retro will show up.

 I haven't been simply 'faffing about' with brolly's ...I did do some proper organising ready for the planting of veggie stuff.
I dragged all these battered old tin baths from hidden corners of the garden and arranged them in what will be my 'tub planting area'.
They look a bit scruffy and battered but they will do the job .. and to be honest I like my stuff to be a bit rough and ready
.... and No ... I did not mention Hubby P .. that was all in your mind! .. 

 Its all looking a bit dingy at the moment ..

... but i found some pretties hiding in a little sheltered spot.

Just see how dainty and pretty ...

Life is bursting forth once again ...

Big fat juicy shoots ... a sign that Spring is on its way ... hurrah !

What do you find grows well in pots .... Lidl will be getting their super cheap seeds in soon ..and I have put aside a few pennies to have a bit of a seed stocking up session .... whats good to buy?



  1. oh my gosh what a treat to my snow weary eyes, we have snow here until at the very least first of may so our tender shoots are a ways off,

  2. I am dying to get out into the garden, no sun here and the ground is so wet. Bet you had a lovely day nothing better than planning the garden.Hopefully another couple of dry weeks will do it.

  3. I really like your sunshade! could you save the frame and put different retro fabric on?..or do you want a bigger parasol?!...Really enjoyed our sunshiney windy day...Love to peg washing outside!! Then sit with a nervous twitch looking to the window wondering how long before the clouds blow over!! some sail by others drop a load of rain and then go as if nothing happened!...

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  5. If only Tash ...but the frame has gone too .. spokes/thingys have gone. I'm not to worried one will show up... one just as sexy in its own way!


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