Wednesday, 27 February 2013

So .... Small Things Please Small Minds ...? I Really Don't care a Fig ...!

Hello there ...
thought it about time I caught up with you all ....

So ... whats been pleasing me this last couple of weeks...
 small things really ...
but they mean a lot to me ... isn't that what its all about?   

How about this for a super snazzy vintage-y washing basket .....
and its such a dinky size too ... half the 'normal' size.
I'm finding my average one a bit too heavy nowadays... a bit dicy when navigating myself and heaped up basket of laundry past .. and over.. ancient dogs...flighty cats and Hubby P's 'useful things'  ... out of the door and to the washing line.

So I am delighted with my cheerful dinky basket ...its just a case of two trips ... and a little longer to dilly about in the garden!

And the sunshine ... hurrah for the sunshine!

Its so nice to get outside ... get the washing on the line ... and drink in the fresh air.
Hubby P managed to do a bit of upcycling ... I know ... its the new word.
He did a bit of what we have always done ... freshened up a lovely little cupboard ... and gave a nice old mirror a lick of paint.
I do so like to give Preloved ... there you go another trendy new word... items a rosy new future in a new home.  

Looking ahead to growing veg in containers I found these ... seen better days but still fab!... little metal wastepaper bins.
How cute are these...
A bit rusty inside ... but arn't we all dear! ...
 ideal for a bit of lettuce or spring onions.

Whoever said we had to use boring plastic pots.

On the sewing front ....

Bit more rescuing Grannies old needlework.
I found bits of an old tablecloth ... already cut up into chunks ...someone had an idea they were going to do something with it .. and thats as far as they got.
I simply sewed the chunks together to show off the lovely embroidery ... and made it into a simple cushion ... and i added a button ....a girl has got to have a pretty button or two.       

 I had a little assistance from the 'very comfortable' cat.

 Another little project ... finishing off someones patchwork.

 There was just enough little patches to make square I put them together to make a cushion .. yes .. I know .. it seems its all cushions and more cushions ....

But at least this way these little scraps ... some needlewomans time ... effort and creativity has not gone to waste... her efforts live on to give pleasure to someone else.
I take them with me to the carboot and hopefully someone will spare a little of their hard earned pennies to give a cushion a home ... 

Here's to the sunshine ... and washing on the line!

So whats been making you a happy bunny this week?


  1. Yes, washing on the line is one of life's pleasures

  2. Definitely hurrah for sunshine. It's sunny for the second day in a row here! By 10am I had one load of washing on the line, the suite cushion covers in the machine, the body of the suite had been scrubbed, the beds were made, the pots were washed, the bread was rising, and I'd started to cut the dead stuff back in the garden. I feel so much more motivated when the sun shines!
    Your cushion covers are lovely. I think taking someone else's unfinished projects and turning them into beautiful things is wonderful!

  3. You've been busy, lovely cushions and cupboard. And great idea to use the old bins as planters.

  4. I love your new banner Vicky, very Spring like! Karla xxx


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